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Observation Examples

Making a house 

Fleur worked as part of a group with friends and an adult to make a model using the straws. “Let’s make a house” she suggested. Together she took connectors with friends to connect the straws together. Fleur used a straw and made it into a circle attaching to the house “this is the shower” she said, she made another, “one for me and one for Milo” she said. A friend added a telescope, “that’s for looking at stars and moon” she said.

Personal Social Emotional Development 

Expressive Art and Design  

Physical Development 

Polar Bear

After exploring the polar bears trapped in the ice, Max went to the painting easel. He started to paint “It’s a polar bear”. I asked him what else he knew and he replied ”They live in the Arctic”.

Speaking and Listening 

Understand the world 

Expressive arts and design 

Pumpkin Muffins

After voting to make pumpkin muffins with the pumpkin we grew in the EYFS garden, Darcey helped to use the ingredients to make the cakes “you need to follow the recipes and buy the right ingredients from the shop”. Darcey followed the instructions given by adults to make the muffin mixture. Once cooked Darcey tasted the muffins. “I like them, they are spongey” she said as she squished the muffin. Darcey visited teachers around the school to tell them about our muffins “we made pumpkin muffins, but some got a little burnt, they were yummy and were really spongey. We used a machine and blended up the pumpkin to put in the mixture”.

Listening and Attention 


Health and Self care 

People and Communities 

Creating with materials