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11 Computing

Leadership of Computing at Grove Primary School.

Accountable: Mr Kyle Bessey

Responsible: Miss Neve Harvey


At Grove Primary we aim to help children thrive and adapt in an ever-changing technological world.  We strive to equip children with the understanding, skills and knowledge to be prepared to take on the jobs of the future.

Our purpose is to install a key understanding of how to keep themselves safe online, to become IT literate and to create programmes to aid tasks in everyday life. The computing curriculum is carefully crafted so that our children develop their digital capital. We want our children to remember their computing lessons in our school, to cherish these memories and embrace the opportunities they are presented with! Bringing computing alive is important at Grove Primary School as well as keeping children safe. 


As children grow in basic skills with technology, we want to make sure that they are being provided with challenge. The NCCE framework, which we have adopted as a foundation, is perfect for us as it develops the basic skills of the children and it helps us to ensure that all of the children leave Grove with the skills in which they need for the future. We have used this to create long term plans for each year group so that teachers can see the progression from previous learning and what will be expected in the future.

Each week children will have a Computing lesson. Each unit builds on the skills which have been previously taught and enables the children to build their knowledge in computing as they move up the school.  This enables children to become advanced in the skills in computing across the three aspects of computing and it also enables teachers to build on prior knowledge. 

Within PSHE the children carry out E-safety lessons using a variety of resources from CEOP and Project Evolve- there is a whole half terms unit based on this. However e-safety is embedded into every computing MTP unit.


We encourage our children to enjoy and value the curriculum we deliver.We will constantly ask the WHY behind their learning and not just the HOW. We want learners to discuss, reflect and appreciate the impact computing has on their learning, development and well-being.

Finding the right balance with technology is key to an effective education and a healthy life-style.We feel the way we implement computing helps children realise the need for the right balance and one they can continue to build on in their next stage of education and beyond.We encourage regular discussions between staff and pupils to best embed and understand this. The way pupils showcase, share, celebrate and publish their work will best show the impact of our curriculum.

Progress of our computing curriculum is demonstrated through outcomes and the record of coverage in the process of achieving these outcomes.


The 5 pillars that underpin our curriculum are:



Computing Concepts


KS1 Assessment Cycle A

LKS2 Assessment Cycle A

UKS2 Assessment Cycle A

Key Stage Progression Assessment

Computing Progression Assessment

Staff Handbook

Computing Handbook

Long Term Planning

Computing LTP

Medium Term Planning