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Y4/5 Lowestoft Discovery Trail - Summer Term

Y4/5 Lowestoft Discovery Trail

15th and 22nd June 2017


Our Year 5 children are currently learning about the History of Lowestoft and we have been looking at interactive ways to bring the topic to life.   We have hired a topic box from the local Maritime Museum that is full of interesting exhibits which will be used in class.  Furthermore, the above package entitles us to free entry to the museum on a day of our choice.   Understandably, we want to make the most of this fantastic opportunity so that pupils can physically and emotionally engage with History through the life of local people and by extension through the story of their own family.


With this in mind, we are planning to take the Y5 children to Sparrows’ Nest and the Lowestoft Maritime Museum on Thursday 15th June 2017.   Children will leave the school by coach after morning registration and will be back by 3.30pm. 


The objectives of the trip are directly linked with the School’s History and SMSC Curriculum:


  • to understand the link between the population, industry and landscape of the local area (History)
  • to explain how the above has changed over time (History)
  • to understand what it would have been like to live in Lowestoft throughout History (History)
  • to use imagination and creativity in learning (SMSC)
  • to be willing to reflect on their own experiences (SMSC)
  • to cooperate well with others (SMSC)
  • to understand the influences which have shaped their own heritage (SMSC)
  • to respond positively to cultural opportunities (SMSC)


Children will start the day with a group selfie on Ness Point before being immersed in Lowestoft History throughout the day.   Through visits to local museums and places of interest, children will learn about shipbuilding and maritime navigation; they will be encouraged to draw comparisons between two local types of fishing (drifting and trawling); they will find out how the local hamlet of Somerleyton is linked with the invention of the hovercraft as well as learn about the lives of local WW2 heroes such as Tom Crisp.  It is anticipated that pupils will also glean information about more recent times along the trail with reference to the 1960s Oil rush as well as the focus on renewable energies in the new Millennium.


Proposed Itinerary


You will find below the proposed itinerary for the trip which may be adjusted to take into account traffic conditions, time availability, weather conditions as well as safety issues.


The party will leave school at 9.15am.  


Morning Session

The Y5 group will be divided into 2 sub-groups (A and B).  

Group A

Group B

  • Walk to War Memorial and Lighthouse
  • Guided tour of Maritime Museum
  • Independent investigation in teams of a particular area of the Maritime Museum
  • Discovery Trail along the sea wall
  • Visit to War Memorial Museum



Afternoon Session

Groups are swapped after lunch


What you can do as a family to support your child's learning

It would be great if you could support your children in their learning by talking to them about the story of your own family and link it with elements of local history.  You might also want to walk as a family through the steps of your local ancestors by visiting “The Scores” or by visiting both the Lowestoft Workshop Heritage Centre in the old part of town or by visiting the Lowestoft Museum in Oulton Broad.  Your child might also be able to give you a guided tour of the Sparrow’s Nest area and the Maritime & War Memorial Museums after our trip


Fishing - Life on board and Navigating

The Prunier Trophy

Building the Port of Lowestoft

Selfies at Ness Point