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Talking Points

Lets Chat!!

Here are some fun and interesting things to talk about and discuss with your family. Remember to encourage your child to listening and respond, ask and answer questions and use interesting vocabulary to support their answers and reasons.


1. Would you rather slide down a rainbow or ride on a unicorn?

2. Would you rather have tea with a pirate or tea with an astronaut?

3. Would you rather be invisible for the day or be able to talk to animals?

4. Would you rather be able to breathe under water or fly with the birds?

5. Would you rather find a 100 spiders in your room or 1 tiger?



Pobble 365

What about a thought provoking image?

Pobble 365 has a range of exciting and engaging images for children of all ages. Why not begin with a discussion, What can you see in the photo? What is happening?

We are always looking for interesting ways to hook children into writing, why not write a sentence or a story about the picture?


We would love to hear your ideas, why not record your conversations and put them on your EExAT page.

The Builders

Question Time

Who are the team that are building the Lego structure?

What is it you think they are building?

Why do the team of builders need to work quickly?

How long do you think it will take them to finish?

Have you ever built anything before?

What skills must a builder possess?

What obstacles/challenges might the builders face?

Which of the builders do you think is in charge?

Where are their parents?


Perfect Picture

Can you draw a picture of what the house might look like when it’s finished?



Can you write some sentences about the builders?

Journey to School

Question Time

How is their journey to school different to yours?

Where do you think they are? What country might it be?

How long do you think it takes them to get to school?

What time is it in the picture?

What do you think they all had for breakfast?

What do they have inside their rucksacks?

Where are their parents?

What is their school/teacher like? How is it similar/different to yours?

Are the children happy?


Perfect Picture

Imagine what their school looks like when they finally get there. Can you draw a picture of it?



Can you write a sentence about how you get to school?

View from the Cockpit

Question Time

Have you ever been on a plane? If so, can you describe what it feels like?

If you have not, can you use your imagination to describe what it might be like?

What other modes of transport have you been on? Which was your favourite/least favourite?

Is there a mode of transport you would like to experience in the future?

How do you think the world was different before flying was invented?

Where is your perfect holiday destination?


Perfect Picture

Can you draw your favourite place to travel to? This might be a holiday destination or somewhere you like to travel.


Story Sentence

Can your write a sentence about your picture? Where is it? How do you travel there? What is there to do?


Question time

What can you spot in this picture that is not like you room at home?

If you loved here how would life be different?

What has happened to the furniture? 

It is thought that one day it may be possible to live in on another planet. What do you think about this?

Is it a good idea? Why do you think humans are looking for ways to live in space or on another planet?

If living in space, how would you manage to do everyday things like brushing your teeth?


Perfect Picture

Can you draw a picture of what our classroom would like if we were in space?


Story Sentence

Can you write some sentences about your classroom in space?

Week Beginning 01.06.20 The Watchers

Question Time

Why are the crows gathering?

Who is the girl in the picture?

What is she carrying?

Where has it come from?

Why has she taken it?

What does it contain?

Who does it belong to?

How to the crows and the little girl feel?

Who are the Watchers?

Are the Watchers good or evil?


Perfect Picture

Can you draw what the egg might contain?


Story Sentence

Can you write a sentence about what is happening?

Week Beginning 18.05.20 An Icy Plunge

Question Time 

What animal is this?

Where is the pup’s mother?

What might she have learnt already from her mother?

How old is the pup?

Do you remember learning to swim? What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome?

Will the pup be brave enough the enter?

How is it that some animals are better swimmers than others?

How do you think it would feel to swim in that water?


Perfect Picture

Imagine you have dived down into the water. Can you draw what you might be able to see?


Story Sentence

Can you write a sentence about what you can see underwater?

Week Beginning 11.05.20 Teapots

Question Time

What are these objects?

Where have these objects come from?

What is inside them?

Where would you find these teapots?

Who are the people in the tents? Why are they there?

What has caused the teapots to crack?


Perfect Picture

Can you draw where you think these teapots have come from?


Story Sentence

Can you write a sentence describing the teapots?



Week Beginning 04.05.20 Thank You

Question Time

Who has written the message?

Why have they written the message?

Why is it important to say please and thank you?

When was the last time you said thank you?

Why did you say thank you?


Perfect Picture

Can you design a thank you poster?

Who will you send it too?

(If you have already designed one send it to us to see).

Week Beginning 27.04.20 Watery World

Question Time

Why is this man living under water?

Can you make a list of all of the things he needs to survive? How will he get them all?

Is he alone?

What will he be able to see out of his window?


Perfect Picture

Can you draw a picture of what he can see?


Story Starter

Sean was the only person who had taken notice of the warning. A great flood had swept over the planet, and now life was very different...

Can you continue the story?


Week beginning 20.04.20 High Flyer

Question Time

Is it possible for us to touch clouds?

What are clouds made of?

Can we touch what they are made of?

What is the sky?

Where does the sky begin?

Why is the sky blue?


Perfect Picture

Can you draw picture of a hot air balloon?

Can you draw a picture of where you would like to travel to?


Story Sentence

Can you write a sentence about what you might see while flying?

Week Beginning 30.03.20 On the Prowl

Question Time

What time of day is it in the picture?

Why is only one tiger drinking from the pool?

Do the tigers know each other?

Why are they ‘on the prowl’ together?

What does the word ‘prowl’ mean? What does it suggest the tigers are doing?

Where will they go once they have finished drinking?

Where in the world would you find tigers? What is their natural habitat?

How do you feel about the fact that some tigers live in captivity?


Perfect Picture

Imagine you can read a tiger’s thoughts. Can you draw what might be in each of the tigers’ heads? What are they thinking about?


Story Sentence

Can you write a sentence about the tigers?

Week Beginning 23.03.20 Cinderella

Question Time

What different animals can you see in the picture?

Is everything in the picture as you remember from the real Cinderella story?

Where is Cinderella going?

How do you think she is feeling?


Perfect Picture

Can you draw picture of what the fairy godmother might look like?


Story Starter

“You shall go to the ball!” proclaimed the fairy godmother. With a click of her fingers and a swish of her wand, the magic happened, and Cinderella disappeared off into the night on the adventure of a lifetime…

Can you continue the story?