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Talking Points

Lets Chat!!

Here are some fun and interesting things to talk about and discuss with your family. Remember to encourage your child to listening and respond, ask and answer questions and use interesting vocabulary to support their answers and reasons.


1. Would you rather slide down a rainbow or ride on a unicorn?

2. Would you rather have tea with a pirate or tea with an astronaut?

3. Would you rather be invisible for the day or be able to talk to animals?

4. Would you rather be able to breathe under water or fly with the birds?

5. Would you rather find a 100 spiders in your room or 1 tiger?



Pobble 365

What about a thought provoking image?

Pobble 365 has a range of exciting and engaging images for children of all ages. Why not begin with a discussion, What can you see in the photo? What is happening?

We are always looking for interesting ways to hook children into writing, why not write a sentence or a story about the picture?


We would love to hear your ideas, why not record your conversations and put them on your EExAT page.

Week Beginning 30.03.20 On the Prowl

Week Beginning 30.03.20 On the Prowl 1

Question Time

What time of day is it in the picture?

Why is only one tiger drinking from the pool?

Do the tigers know each other?

Why are they ‘on the prowl’ together?

What does the word ‘prowl’ mean? What does it suggest the tigers are doing?

Where will they go once they have finished drinking?

Where in the world would you find tigers? What is their natural habitat?

How do you feel about the fact that some tigers live in captivity?


Perfect Picture

Imagine you can read a tiger’s thoughts. Can you draw what might be in each of the tigers’ heads? What are they thinking about?


Story Sentence

Can you write a sentence about the tigers?

Week Beginning 23.03.20 Cinderella

Week Beginning 23.03.20 Cinderella 1

Question Time

What different animals can you see in the picture?

Is everything in the picture as you remember from the real Cinderella story?

Where is Cinderella going?

How do you think she is feeling?


Perfect Picture

Can you draw picture of what the fairy godmother might look like?


Story Starter

“You shall go to the ball!” proclaimed the fairy godmother. With a click of her fingers and a swish of her wand, the magic happened, and Cinderella disappeared off into the night on the adventure of a lifetime…

Can you continue the story?