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Summer 1



As with all EYFS settings, learning is very fluid and mostly child led. During this term, EYFS have been looking at: Programming -  Direction and tinkering with devices


Year 1/2

Information Technology Around Use


Learners will develop their understanding of technology and how it can help them in their everyday lives. They will start to become familiar with the different components of a computer by developing their keyboard and mouse skills. Learners will also consider how to use technology responsibly.

Year 3/4



In this unit, learners will develop their understanding of how digital images can be changed and edited, and how they can then be resaved and reused. They will consider the impact that editing images can have, and evaluate the effectiveness of their choices.

Year 5/6



Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of using a computer to produce 3D models. Learners will initially familiarise themselves with working in a 3D space, moving, resizing, and duplicating objects. They will then create hollow objects using placeholders and combine multiple objects to create a model of a desk tidy. Finally, learners will examine the benefits of grouping and ungrouping 3D objects, then go on to plan, develop, and evaluate their own 3D model of a building.