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Teacher Learning Communities Autumn 2022

This year, the teachers will be continuing to improve their practice in the classroom by trialling and refining new strategies in the hope to embed them as part of their daily practice. All teachers are part of a group of who meet regularly to discuss evidence-based research on teaching and learning. They pair up with a critical friend and observe their new trialled strategy and evaluate its effectiveness. 


We use the series of Walkthrus books as the focus of our Teacher Learning Communities as they have a wealth of the most effective teaching techniques to improve pupil outcomes. 



Teaching and Learning Communities 


It was presentation night for our Teaching and Learning Communities. Each group researched a different area including:

  • Task Design
  • Feedback 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Retrieval Practice 
  • Modelling and Explanation 

Each group trialled examples in their classes, attempted new strategies and shared action research. Then everyone fed back to the staff team where they all made lots of notes about all the new strategies they wanted to try in their class. Every teacher wants the best outcome for every Grove child!

Photos from our presentations