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Staff at Grove Primary School

Who’s Who at Grove Primary School

Senior Team

Mrs R Aldous

Executive Headteacher

Mrs S Ross

Deputy Headteacher (Grove)

Mrs L Barnes Deputy Headteacher (Westwood)

Ms L Creed

Assistant Headteacher (Grove)

Mrs K Hough

Assistant Headteacher (Grove)

Mr J Wilkes Assistant Headteacher (Westwood)
Mrs S Bayfield SENDCO


Extended Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Moore

Humanities & RE Lead (Westwood and Grove)

Mrs D Gillings

EYFS Lead  (Westwood and Grove)

Miss Rachel Spry Lower Key Stage 2 Lead (Grove)

Miss B Jones

Key Stage 1 Lead and Science Lead (Westwood and Grove)

Mr A Rough

Maths and Literacy Team (Westwood and Grove)

Mr J Sandell Computing Lead (Westwood and Grove)


Subject Lead Teams

Subject Lead Staff Member Team Member

Mrs L Barnes

Mrs K Hough

Mr A Rough

Miss B Jones

Mrs D Gillings


Ms L Creed

Mr A Rough

Mrs R Spry

Mr J Sandell

Mr J Wilkes





Mr S Moore (W&G)

History = Rachel Spry (G)

Geography = N Daly (G), G Hinton (W)

RE = A. Bircham (W), C. Bardsley (G), R, Allen (G)

Science Miss B Jones (W&G) Mr J Taylor (W), Miss C Gardener (W), Miss T Butterfiled (G)
PE Miss S Rogers (W&G)

Mr C Stent (W)

Mrs B Fisher (G)

Computing Mr J Sandell (W&G)

Mrs C Rough (G), Mrs L Bolan (G), Mr J Wilkes (W)

The Arts




Mrs H Gee

Miss S Clarke

Miss J Williard (W), Miss M Thacker (G), Miss B Spry (G), Mrs K Andrews (W)

PSHE Mrs S Ross (G) Mrs L Barnes (W)
MFL Mrs L Barnes (W&G)  


Early Years

Miss Rebecca Spry

Daisy Class Reception Teacher

Miss R Allen

Buttercup Class Reception Teacher

Miss T Butterfield

Bluebell Class Nursery Teacher

Mrs D Gillings EYFS Leader

Mrs K Church

EYFS Practitioner

Miss T Sutliff

EYFS Practitioner 

Mrs K Baxter

EYFS Practitioner

Mrs A McCarthy

EYFS Practitioner 

Mrs Z Howes

EYFS Practitioner and HLTA

Mrs F Ellis 

EYFS Practitioner 



Key Stage 1

Miss N Daly

Speedwell Class Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss S Rogers

Honeysuckle Class Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss B Jones 

Rose Class Year 1/2 Teacher

Key Stage One Lead 

Mrs K Bailey

Trainee Teacher

Mr C Robson Trainee Teacher

Mrs C Cleveland

Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Fuller

Teaching Assistant


Lower Key Stage 2

Miss Rachel Spry

Lower Key Stage 2 Leader ad Poppy Class Year 3/4 Teacher

Ms L Bolan

Snowdrop Class Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs C Rough

Primrose Class Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs C Goldsmith

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Layzell

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Wilkes


Mrs C Bostock HLTA/TA
Mrs C Clarke Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Bardsley SEND Teacher


Upper Key Stage 2

Ms L Creed

Upper Key Stage 2 Lead

Mr J Sandell

Willow Class Year 5/6 Teacher

Mr A Rough

Oak Class Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs K Hough and Ms L Creed

Elder Class Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs M Rough

Teaching Assistant

Mr B Fisher Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Gill


Mrs N Lock HLTA
Mrs C Bardsley SEND Teacher


Support Staff

Mrs A Ball

Family Support


Mrs K Tallet-Pickess

Business Manager

Mrs A Thompson


Mrs B Watson



Sports Clubs

Mr J Osborn

Mr D Stride


Senior Site Manager

Assistant Site Manager

Mrs S Burrows


Mrs L Smith


Mrs L Skitteral