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Staff at Grove Primary School

Who’s Who at Grove Primary School

Senior Team

Mrs R Aldous

Executive Headteacher

Mrs Lauraine Barnes

Head of School, Westwood

Mrs Sarah Ross

Head of School.  Grove, ALT Associate  Leader

Mr Joshua Wilkes

Assistant Headteacher, (LKS2 Phase Leader, Curriculum, Subject Leader Development Westwood Primary and Grove Primary), ALT Associate  Leader

Ms Louise Creed

Assistant Headteacher, ALT Associate  Leader, UKS2 Phase Leader Westwood Primary and Grove Primary

Mrs Kelly Hough

Assistant Headteacher, Grove

Mrs Sarah Bayfield


Mrs D Gillings

EYFS Lead, Support for early Reading and Maths Westwood Primary and Grove Primary

Miss R Spry

LKS2 Phase Leader, Westwood Primary and Grove Primary

Miss B Jones

KS1 Lead, Science Lead, Phonics Lead Westwood Primary and Grove Primar


Extended Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Moore

Humanities & RE Lead (Westwood and Grove)

Mr A Rough

Maths and Literacy Team (Westwood and Grove)

Mr J Sandell Computing Lead (Westwood and Grove)


Subject Lead Teams

Subject Lead Staff Member Team Member

Mrs L Barnes

Mrs K Hough

Mr A Rough

Miss B Jones

Mrs D Gillings


Ms L Creed

Mr A Rough

Mrs R Spry

Mr J Sandell

Mr J Wilkes





Mr S Moore (W&G)

History = Rachel Spry (G)

Geography = N Daly (G), G Hinton (W)

RE = A. Bircham (W), C. Bardsley (G), R, Allen (G)

Science Miss B Jones (W&G) Mr J Taylor (W), Miss C Gardener (W), Miss T Butterfiled (G)
PE Miss S Rogers (W&G)

Mr C Stent (W)

Mr B Fisher (G)

Computing Mr J Sandell (W&G)

Mrs C Rough (G), Mrs L Bolan (G), Mr J Wilkes (W)

The Arts




Mrs H Gee

Miss S Clarke

Miss J Williard (W), Miss M Thacker (G), Miss B Spry (G), Mrs K Andrews (W)

PSHE Mrs S Ross (G) Mrs L Barnes (W)
MFL Mrs L Barnes (W&G)  


Early Years

Miss Rebecca Spry

Daisy Class Reception Teacher

Miss R Allen

Buttercup Class Reception Teacher

Miss T Butterfield

Bluebell Class Nursery Teacher

Mrs D Gillings EYFS Leader

Mrs K Church

EYFS Practitioner

Miss T Sutliff

EYFS Practitioner 

Mrs K Baxter

EYFS Practitioner

Mrs A McCarthy

EYFS Practitioner 

Mrs Z Howes

EYFS Practitioner and HLTA

Mrs F Ellis 

EYFS Practitioner 



Key Stage 1

Miss N Daly

Speedwell Class Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss S Rogers

Honeysuckle Class Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss B Jones 

Rose Class Year 1/2 Teacher

Key Stage One Lead 

Mrs K Bailey

Trainee Teacher

Mr C Robson Trainee Teacher

Mrs C Cleveland

Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Fuller

Teaching Assistant


Lower Key Stage 2

Miss Rachel Spry

Lower Key Stage 2 Leader ad Poppy Class Year 3/4 Teacher

Ms L Bolan

Snowdrop Class Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs C Rough

Primrose Class Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs C Goldsmith

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Layzell

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Wilkes


Mrs C Bostock HLTA/TA
Mrs C Clarke Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Bardsley SEND Teacher


Upper Key Stage 2

Ms L Creed

Upper Key Stage 2 Lead

Mr J Sandell

Willow Class Year 5/6 Teacher

Mr A Rough

Oak Class Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs K Hough and Ms L Creed

Elder Class Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs M Rough

Teaching Assistant

Mr B Fisher Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Gill


Miss N Lock HLTA
Mrs C Bardsley SEND Teacher


Support Staff

Mrs A Ball

Family Support


Mrs K Tallet-Pickess

Business Manager

Mrs A Thompson


Mrs B Watson



Sports Clubs

Mr J Osborn

Mr D Stride


Senior Site Manager

Assistant Site Manager

Mrs S Burrows


Mrs L Smith


Mrs L Skitteral