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Spring Term

Spring Term 

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018!  A brand new year and a new term. We hope you had a good Christmas. This term we shall be busy exploring our new topics, 'Did dragons exist?' We will start by reading 'Zog' another wonderful book by Julia Donaldson. We shall also be looking at 'Can you switch it on?' Exploring technology that we use in our everyday lives.

The children have been producing some wonderful work at home with their families which are on display in the creative area. Come and have a look at how creative they have been!


We looked at adding two numbers together - part, part  into whole. The children have been practising their number work and counting. Fabulous calculations! 

We looked at a mythical picture of a dragon and using the principles of DERIC discussed the scene. 

D - decoding the images ( making sense of the image )

E - explaining what we see

R - retrieving information by looking closely at the picture

I - Interpreting what the artist is trying to show us 

C - choosing what we think may be happening 


We then went on to write our own sentences about dragons, using some of the information we had discussed during the week.  We used our phonic knowledge to help us write our sentences, as well as using cursive writing! Well done. 

We made some dragon food (looking remarkably similar to bird cake) from lard and seeds. It was a squidgy texture and made our hands feel really greasy. We squashed it all together and pressed it tightly into a pot. When the fat hardened again we hung the pots in the trees. We intend to keep a close eye on these to see if or when they are eaten and by who! 

The eagerly awaited reopening of the woods finally arrived on Friday. For some of the children in the Early Years this was their first venture into Bluebell woods. We walked through the paths making careful observations of the environment. We tramped down into the Dingley Dell and then past the two wooden bivvys. Then back up the hill and over the ricketty, racketty bridge. It was a little wobbly but we were really brave and made it over to the other side. We found some interesting fungi, different shapes and colours. We looked carefully, but no touching! 

Week beginning 15th January 2018


This week we revisited the story Zog. The children have enjoyed exploring the dragon theme and have used it in all areas of learning. After singing the song 'Puff the Magic Dragon'  lots of the children came into school telling us that their Mums and Dad remembered singing it too! A song for a share session maybe!

Have a look at the wonderful paintings and drawings inspired by DRAGONS!

There has been some fabulous counting this week. We used our snack oranges and counted the segments, most of them had 10, before we ate them! Using the play dough we made shells and counted each one. Each day Bluebell class count how many children, up to 20, are attending the session. We even counted the sausages sliding down the drain pipe! Using compare bears, we counted them, but also explored size and pattern as well. We have also been writing numbers and discussing how to put them the right way round. 

The children have been working hard on their handwriting, cursive letters and  composing sentences. We will be practicing every week so we can create our own sentences to give meanings to our wonderful pictures we are creating. Can you compose and write a sentence at home? 


We have had some interesting weather this week!  The wind was extreme and we watched the trees blowing wildly in our garden. The rain was so heavy that the guttering could not cope - the children tried to catch the resulting waterfall in their buckets, but they had to be quick! When the sun shone through a wonderful rainbow appeared and the children discussed the different types of weather that produce this beautiful creation. 

Week beginning 22nd January 2018

This week we have looked at the next Zog book 'Zog and the flying doctors'. The children have really enjoyed Zog and were able to understand how the story leads on to the first story. We used DERIC questioning to talk about the story and predict what would happen next. 
This week we made flapjacks. Following on from our bird food last week, we used seeds in our flapjacks. The seedy flapjack is a healthier version using foods to give us slow releasing energy. The children enjoyed mixing all the ingredients together and observing how the ingredients changed. As you can see the children gave their flapjacks a big thumbs up!


This week in maths we have had a huge focus on one less than a given number and subtraction. The children have been trying really hard and using different resources to support them. 

Outdoor learning

The children have continued to enjoy our outside area. Some of the children are gaining lots of independence putting their own muddy suits on to enable them to play in the mud. They have thoroughly enjoyed their builders shed and using the tools to fix and make a variety of things. 

Castle writing

The children have been very keen to write about castles and knights on our lovely castle pieces of paper. They have been using their phonic knowledge and key words to support them writing their own sentences. 

Week beginning 29th January 2018

This week we started Talk 4 Writing using the story 'That's not my dragon!'. We have thoroughly enjoyed making a story map and coming up with our own actions as a class to retell the story. The children quickly picked up the actions and were able to retell the story using our map. Some of the children went on to draw their own story map to help them retell the 'That's not my dragon!'. 


Running alongside our dragon topic our other topic is 'Can you switch it on?'. We have begun to talk about technology, how to use it, the benefits it has and whether it is battery powered or plugged in at the mains. We have been using lots of different technology equipment in all our areas of learning. 


The children have had lots of exciting things happening outside this week, they have been problem solving, building and investigating slime. We made slime with PVA glue, flour, glitter and coloured water in a tuff tray the children used their capacity skills and had lots of fun using their senses to describe the textures. 

Week beginning 5th February 2018

This week we have been working on the innovation stage of Talk4Writing. After reading 'That's not My Dragon', we wrote a new version. Each class worked together to decide an animal to write about. After this had been decided the children designed a page for the new story. 

A selection of which are below. 

New environment 

The staff have been working hard to enhance the Early years environment by providing the children independent access to the resources in all areas. All resources are placed on shelves as collections of items  to encourage the children to become independent learners.  They have been working hard to become independent at tidying up as well!

Week beginning 19th February 2018

This week we have continued to explore our topic 'Can I switch it on?', we have looked at the story 'Webster's email' and spoke about what an email is. We have also briefly spoke about being safe online and the importance of knowing who the sender is. 
As it was pancake day last week, for our cooking this week the children made pancakes. They had the choice of a variety of toppings; jam, syrup, sugar and lemon. The children enjoyed tasting the pancakes and some of the children got to practice flipping the pancakes!

Reception special books

This week we have been given special books! These books are where we can independently show off our amazing learning. We can't wait to show you our wonderful work on parents evening!

Technology homework

Thank you to all those families that have completed the technology homework over half term. We have had some fantastic posters come in and have displayed some of them in our classes. The children are thoroughly enjoying learning about technology, this week we have focused on emails. 

Part, part, whole

Reception have been revisiting the part, part, whole concept. This involves adding two parts together to make a whole. They have been using bowls and objects to do this or drawing three circles and putting the given amount of marks in each part then adding together to make a whole. The children have also been writing the calculations for these. 


We have been very lucky to receive new suits donated by the FROGS . They work so hard to support the school and the children were super impressed when they arrived just in time for the snow!


Winter Weather 

The snow came and WOW! It was very exciting! Our favourite thing was making snow angels. We have had several days off because of the heavy snow. Send us all your snow pictures on Tapestry !

Belated World Book Day!


Due to the bad weather World book day was held a little later that normal. But it just meant that everyone was super excited about reading and dressing up as their favourite characters. The children looked wonderful and it was brilliant to see many parents coming in to share stories with the children. Thanks to all the children , families and staff for fabulous effort!

Scissor Skills


We noticed that we needed to develop our cutting skills so we used this as a learning opportunity and as a group we practiced holding the scissors correctly. We then cut out different shapes moving round the lines very carefully. Well done !



We have been discussing technology we like to use , such as phones cameras, tablets and phones. We also have been considering how it is important to maintain a sense caution and remember how we also love to play with toys , bikes on the swings, in the parks as well as with our friends and family. We read a book called DOT to help us understand and then wrote sentences about the things we like to play with - no technology!

Week beginning 12th March 2018

This week we have been looking at the book 'Once upon a'. The children have thoroughly enjoyed investigating technology, show off their skills and further developing their knowledge. We have spoken about the various different characters in the story, the importance of being safe online and how we can keep safe online, as well as understanding from the story that it is important to share!
This week for cooking we made banana cake! The children had lots of fun talking about healthy eating, the ingredients we needed and the process they went through to get the final outcome...delicious cake! Most of the children tried the banana cake and found it tasty!

Doubling and halving

This week in maths we have been learning lots about doubling and halving! We have halved different shapes, food and amounts of objects. The children have also been busy drawing their own toppings on their pizzas to find half or double of a number! 
We are very sad that this week was Mrs Ellis's last week at Grove. She has been working at the school for about 20 years. We would all like to say a massive thank you for all her hard work and support. We will miss you and wish you good luck with your new adventure!

Days of the week

Still image for this video
Mrs McDonald is super proud of her Nursery children for learning the 'days of the week' song and being able to sing it independently.

Week beginning 19th March 2018

This week we have looked at the rhyme 'There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly', which the children found very funny! We then began to look at the book 'There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight' which was just as funny. We have added some actions to the story to help us remember it. 

Building opportunties

The children love being builder both inside and outside! They have been building various houses, shops and castles. We have had some new boards put up in our construction area for the children to draw a plan of what they want to build first. 

Musical instruments

We have been having lots of fun exploring the instruments outside. The children have been making their own music, thinking carefully about the rhythm and beat that they are using. They have been working as a team to form their own bands!

Exploring capacity

Outside we have been investigating a variety of things in our tuff tray; including paint, ice, water and seeds. The children have been engaged and using lots of capacity language. 

Number bonds

This week our maths focus has been learning about number bonds. We started off finding the number bonds to 5 then progressed on to number bonds to 10, understanding that there are different ways to make the number 10. We have listened to a song and learnt a rhyme about number bonds to 10. 

It's Nearly Easter!

This week we have been talking about why we celebrate Easter and  have been doing lots of exciting Easter activities. On the last day of term we had two Easter Bunnies turn up ready for school!

Easter colouring

The children have loved making lots of lovely Easter pictures, colouring in and designing their own. Some of the children have even been drawing pictures of the story of Easter. 

On the last day of school we got to make special chocolate covered Easter nests! The children had great fun seeing how the chocolate was melted, mixing the rice snaps into the chocolate, putting it into bun cases and decorating it with little eggs. 

The children were so excited for their Easter egg hunt! They searched high and low for the eggs before coming back together and putting themselves in corresponding order. We had lots of fun! 

Easter egg competition

Here are Reception and Nursery's wonderful eggs that were entered into our school Easter egg competition that the FROGS organised. Thank you to the families who helped make an exciting egg. The winner for Reception was Sadie Baldry and Nursery it was Alfie Easterbrook. Well done to you both! 
All the staff in Early Years would like to wish you all a Happy Easter! Enjoy your holidays, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you after.