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Religious Education

Religious Education


Religious Education at Grove Primary asks about meaning and purpose in life from beginning to end. It gives space for individual reflection and wondering who and why; it explores Christianity, other principal religions and world views, and how they affect the fabric of personal and social life; it identifies the reality of evil, injustice and suffering and it opens up visions of how life for all the world’s citizens may be transformed by truth, beauty and goodness. Arrangements for the act of Collective worship and for religious education are made by the school in accordance with the requirements of the 1944 Education Act and the Education Reform Act 1988.

Creation Stories


Year 5 have been learning about the Creation stories . They have been writing their own version , comic strip style. They produced some very detailed and thougthful work. 

The Festival of the Tooth


Year 4 and 5 have also been learning about the Festival of the Tooth. It takes place in Kandy, Sri Lanka and lasts for two weeks. It is extremely important in uniting the Buddhists and Hindus who live there. They created some beautiful artwork to accompany their writing and it can be seen in the school hall. It is wonderful!  Please come and have a look at your talented children's work and to read the full story.

Christmas Farewell


We had our annual church service at St Peter's church , Carlton Colville led by Mark Ellis. It was a celebration of the children's work with songs and poems as well as prayers delivered by all the classes in the school.


We also said farewell to our Headteacher Mrs Hall with special visitors, the school governors, Andy Redman ( ALT) and a surprise for Mrs Hall,  Rev Capron and his family made a special visit. It was a special time for everyone and thank you to all that contributed. 


Multi-faith days

As part of our aim to promote our children's Social, Spiritual, Moral and Cultural welfare they took part in a a two day multi-faith event. We welcomed representatives from different faiths , Christian, Christian Roman Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism and Jewish. The children were able to discuss aspects of each faith with the speakers and explore real life artefacts from each faith. 


The children then took what they had learnt and through craft activities created a multi-faith box. They also presented their findings to a whole school assembly. This took the form of posters, crafts, dance and reflection. We are very proud of our children for the thoughtful questions they presented to our visitors and the respect they showed for different faiths and cultures. 

Exploring Religion


The children across the school have been exploring many faiths and here are a few of the wonderful displays created from some of their thoughtful work.

Christmas 2015


Once again when we attended the Christmas service at our local parish church, the children behaved impeccably and performed brilliantly! We were very proud! Reverend Capron was supported by Mark Ellis as well as the fabulous church team. The puppets also contributed to the service! A great team effort. 

Christmas Tree Festival

The Early Years created a wonderful display to support St Peter's church , Carlton Colville based on the First Christmas story. They created a host of angels as well as the tableau for the stable. We are very proud of all the effort they put in to creating such a wonderful display.

Wedding and Christening service 


Year One went to the local church to take part in a mock wedding. They dressed in their finery for the occasion and all looked wonderful. It was a beautiful day and we went through all aspects of a wedding service. Rev Capron took the service and supplied the rings ( hula hoops). After the lovely service there were cakes in the hall before moving on to see the process of welcoming a baby into the family of God. 

Easter Service


As the weather was undecided we we held our Easter service with Rev Capron in the school hall. We were very lucky to have the puppet show visit as well, they gave a wonderful show as usual.We explored the true meaning of Easter even though there was still a chocolate theme!


Church display of children's work

As we were very excited about the wonderful art work which had been created during our Art and R.E. day the Reverend Mark Capron kindly displyed the children's creations in our local church, St. Peter's Church, Carlton Colville. The display was fantastic and all the children were able to view their work at the church service. The children performed beautifully. They were also enrtertained by a puppet show.

Cross-curricular Art and R.E. theme day

Today (11/12/14) we had a cross curricular Art and Religious Education theme day, exploring the true meaning of Christmas. We were visited by Rev Mark Capron from our local church, St Peters Church, Carlton Colville. After a collective assembly we made a variety of items on a Christmas theme. Our work was shared at the end of the day and is now displayed in the church. Please take time to go and see some of the wonderful things the children have created. In the meantime here is a taster!