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Pupils' Voice

Grove Primary prides itself on being a democratic school.  As a result, pupils are provided with numerous opportunities to have a say in everything that affects their life.  Children regularly take part in surveys and have helped shape many aspects of school life, such as the Behaviour Policy and our House System. 


At Grove Primary School pupils are represented by 3 different bodies which are involved with various aspects of school life as illustrated below. 


  • The School Council is made up of 2 pupils from each class who are elected by their class at the beginning of each term. They attend weekly meetings where they feed back their peers’ views and discuss relevant issues
  • The 8 House Captains represent our 4 Houses.  They are elected in the Summer Term in a whole school General Election.  They meet at regular intervals throughout the year to plan House Events
  • Play Makers are chosen amongst pupils who can demonstrate a caring side as well as outstanding leadership skills.   They organise a variety of lunchtime activities on the playground


All the above bodies regularly come together to organise whole school events.