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Policies are available here. Paper copies are available on request from the school office.

Active Learning Trust Policies and Documents

A range of documents and policies which are used by the school are Trust wide and can be found on the Active Learning Trust website:




These include:

Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking

Curriculum Intent



Gifts & Hospitality


Equal Opportunities in Employment

Anti Fraud, Corruption & Bribery

Health & Safety

Admissions & Appeals





These include:

Scheme of Delegation

Articles of Association

End of Year Accounts

ALT Board & Trust Board Attendance & Minutes

Board Members Information

Register of Interests

Equality & Diversity

Trade Union Facilities



Information Governance


These include:


Privacy Notices

Records Retention Policy

Data Sharing Policy

Data Protection Policy

ICT Security Policy

Subject Access Request Policy

Freedom of Information Policy



Our school's equality and diversity objective is:

To ensure all staff are aware of their duties under the Equality Act 2010 and are aware of how to report any discriminatory incidents or practices.


We have chosen this objective:

To ensure our staff understand their duties in relation to good equality practices.


We plan to achieve this objective by:

Using staff meeting time to cover the issues in depth.



Further Guidance

Please follow this link to the ALT Equality Section.

  • Equal Opportunities in Employment Report

  • ALT Gender Pay Gap Report
  • Public Sector Reporting

Equality Policy