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Picture News Assembly

Each week in school we have a Picture News Assembly. We will introduce a news topic and then the children can  give their own opinions. Each Tuesday we will add the poster and questions for the week and on facebook there will be a virtual assembly at 10am. Please send us any responses, we would love to read them.


Tuesday 2nd June 2020


What’s going on this week?

The number of people seeking to start a career in the healthcare sector has risen during the pandemic, official figures reveal. Health leaders said the wish shown by thousands of people to help them to fight illness was “truly humbling”.

The NHS Health Careers website has seen a 220% rise in people expressing an interest in becoming a nurse.


Main question:

Why do people choose the jobs they do?


Listen, think, share

·    Look at this week’s poster and talk about what we can see. Many people have chosen to show their gratitude to the NHS and key workers – including our teachers who are still working very hard and helping us all during the coronavirus pandemic. There has been a huge increase in the number of people wanting to work in healthcare at the moment. Why do we think this might be the case?

·    Can you make a list of all of the people who are still working to help us all during this difficult time? E.g. workers such as delivery drivers, farmers, teachers, as well as hospital staff.

·    Have you ever thought about what you want to do or be when you are older? We are all different! Some people know what they want to do and end up doing that job, others have no idea and end up in a job they love and others will change their path many times over their life! What things do we think help people choose jobs? E.g. where we live, family or what we enjoy doing?



There are lots of different jobs for us to consider as we get older – and many different reasons for choosing them! We may want to work alongside our family members or friends, because there are certain things we are good at or simply because we love the job we do!