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Phonics Phase 3

The purpose of Phase Three:


  • To teach another 25 graphemes, most comprising two letters (oa) so children can represent each of about 42 phonemes by a grapheme.
  • Children will continue to practise CVC blending and segmenting.
  • Children will learn letter names throughout this phase.
  • Children will learn the following sounds:

Set 6: j v w x

Set 7: y z zz qu


Children will learn 25 graphemes:

Graphemes Sample words Graphemes Sample words
ch chip ar farm
sh shop or for
th thin/then ur hurt
ng ring ow cow
ai rain oi coin
ee feet ear dear
igh night air fair
oa boat ure sure
oo boot/look er corner



Phase Three High Frequency Words checklist (Tricky words are in bold)


will that this then them with
see for now down look too
he she we me be was
you they all are my her