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Phonics Phase 2

The purpose of Phase Two is to:


  •  Teach at least 19 letters, and move children on from oral blending and segmentation to blending and segmenting with letters.
  • Enable children to read VC (Vowel/ Consonant) words and CVC (Consonant/ Vowel/ Consonant) words.
  •  Read high frequency ‘tricky’ words
  • Recognise and say the sounds of the following letters


Set 1: s a t p

Set 2: i n m d

Set 3: g o c k

Set 4: ck e u r

Set 5: h b f ff l ll ss

Phase Two High Frequency Words Checklist (tricky words are in bold)

a an as at if an
is it of off on can
dad had back and get big
him his not got up mum
but the to I no go