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Leadership of Phonics at Grove Primary School.
Accountable: Miss Beth Jones

Responsible: Mrs Danielle Gillings and Mrs Kelly Hough


The teaching of phonics begins in the first week Early Years Foundation Stage and is guided Essential Letters and Sounds. We have recently introduced this synthetic phonics scheme into our school following its validation. We follow this scheme through teaching, assessment and interventions to aid our pupils in their phonetic knowledge. Once children reach Year Two and onwards, phonics and spelling are taught using The National Curriculum statements alongside Spelling Shed. Pupils participate in daily sessions from EYFS to Year 2. In Key Stage 2, they have a 15 minute daily spelling session. 


At the end of Year One, each child’s phonetic knowledge is assessed in a phonics screening test, carried out on a 1:1 basis with the class teacher. In Week 5 of each half term, pupils phonic knowledge is assessed using the ELS phonics tracker. This is then used to inform review weeks which appear in Week 6 of each half term. This data also identifies any pupils that require any phonics interventions. 


Any interventions are 1:1 with pupils for 3- 5 minutes daily following the structure for the ELS phonic scheme. 


In Key Stage 1, children practice weekly spellings as part of their home learning. These are known as rainbow words. Children practice 6 words per week and these are reviewed and updated each week. I  reception children have rainbow reading words, these words work on the same basis. 

All words are based around the order of harder to read and spell words in the ELS phonics scheme.


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