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Leadership of PE at Grove Primary School.

Accountable: Miss Sarah Rogers

Responsible: Miss Casey Gardener

Five Pillars of PE

PE falls under the Positive Lifestyles Whole School Curriculum Pillar. The PE curriculum has 5 unique Pillars as shown below. These not only focus on developing the children's skills within PE, but also develop and promote healthy lifestyles and aim to broaden children's  knowledge of the different sports and physical activities.


Five Curriculum Pillars

  1. Acquiring and developing skills: Children  acquire and develop skills using their bodies and sports equipment  to allow them to take part in the different areas of PE and school sport.
  2. Selecting and applying: Children select and apply rules, strategies, skills, tactics, and compositional ideas across the different sports, strands of PE and activities which they complete.
  3. Evaluating and improving performance: Children learn how to evaluate their performance in the different sports and activities so they can be the best they can be.
  4. Lifestyle including knowledge and understanding of fitness and health: Children  develop an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle including why staying physically active is important to health and learn about eating healthily (cross curricular with PSHE and Science).
  5. Broad range of physical activities:  children take part in a broad range of physical activities including dance, gymnastics, athletics, games, net/wall sports such as tennis and badminton, OAA and swimming (in selected year groups).  This allows them to apply all the other pillars and give them an opportunity to start their journey into competitive sports.