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Maple,Snowdrop and Poppy (Year 3 and 4 classes)

Our Native American dream catchers :)

Here is some of the amazing art work that Poppy class created during Arts' week! We are learning about Native Americans and decided to create pictures of them using different mediums and textures. We are very proud of them and hope you like them too!

We learnt to dance like the native Americans!

Thank you so much for all of the amazing masks we have received so far. Our class totem poles are going to look great! To kick off our new topic, we flew on Year 3/4 airways to America! The children visited 12 famous cities, collected facts and marked them on their maps in order to receive a stamp on their passports. We really enjoyed it!


Green fingers...

Today, Snowdrops planted their vegetable garden.  We are really excited about this as the carrots, radishes and spring onions have been planted in a clear container allowing us to watch them grow right before our eyes!  The children will take it in turns to be the gardeners and care for and nurture our veggies (maybe a little song or two...).  Hopefully we'll all have green fingers and will be able to sample our vegetables before the end of the summer term.  (Who knows, maybe a seed or two might have been a magic one and a beanstalk will grow!)

Continents and Oceans by

We are learning about the five oceans as part of our Blue Abyss topic. Here is a song which we are using to help us remember them, it helps with the seven continents too!

Year 3 and 4's had an exciting introduction into their 'Blue Abyss' topic this week. They spent half the day at school learning about the five ocean zones. We got to grips with the depth of the ocean by 'running into the deep'. We ran 10 times around our 100 metre track and realised we would need to run 10 more lots of 10 laps to reach the trenches! The children then worked in groups to research one zone and present their findings to the class. We also visited the SeaLife Centre. We had a fantastic day!

Photos from our trip to the SeaLife Centre and 'running to the deep'!

TOP SECRET MARKING! Poppy Class had to crack the secret code in their English today! Once they had solved the mystery, they found their corresponding editing station and perfected their work. A fun lesson had by all! 

World Book Day in Poppy Class - What fabulous costumes!

Snowdrops created a human sentence to learn about speech punctuation.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful homework that you produced over the half term holiday.  We have greatly enjoyed sharing it all.  Here is one little lad feeling particularly proud of his homework!

Taste testing! We tasted three healthy snack bars and rated them. This is all preparation for designing and making our own! *** We are collecting packaging if you have any please

Are you wondering what that annoying song that your children are singing is? Well if you want to learn the whole thing, here is the link!

ENJOY frown


The Direct Speech Song

We have revamped our 2015 song, Inverted Commas. This songs details how to write direct speech using inverted commas and the all important piece of punctuation! "We hope you enjoy it!" sang Anchor Creative Education, gleefully.

WIlly Wonka's Chocolate Factory in Poppy!

There were 5 golden tickets in Poppy Class this week. See a picture of the lucky winners above! We set up Willy Wonka's factory, where we made peppermint creams, invented new chocolate bars and wrote instructions on how to make them. The children's instruction writing was fab!

Stone Henge at sunset

A selection of the great pictures Snowdrops have made this week in Art.  They were very proud of their achievements and very excited to be able to take their masterpieces home to display.

Snowdrops becoming teachers

The children have been teaching each other how to use the expanded method and the short formal method for multiplication. 

Ready, aim, throw...

Snowdrops had great fun (spot all the big smiles!) using the 'snowball technique' to help generate ideas and improve their writing.  Not sure who they were aiming at?!...surprise
WASOLL was a bit cheeky and nipped into our classroom during assembly time to leave us a message.  We used our knowledge of contractions, learnt last week, to help correct the message for him.

Snowdrops correcting contractions for WASOLL.

This week the children have had great fun using Talk for Writing techniques to internalise a text.  Ask them to show you 'How to Trap a Dragon'.  Next week the children will be writing their own set of instructions.

How to trap a Dragon (Snowdrops)

Learning to play the violin (Snowdrops)

Cave pictures! (Poppy Class)

Poppy class created their own brilliant cave style paintings for display, using paint and chalk pastels. Afterwards, they tried drawing the pictures as if they were in a cave (under the table with the lights off!) They found it tricky but fun!

Maple class-Funtrition

This half term, we are lucky to have a visitor from Funtrition come in to our classes once a week. The children are learning how to eat healthily and have a balanced. 

Maybe you could ask your child if they can remember how many teaspoons are in a can of coke?

More pictures will follow...

Our Winter Scenes - Poppy Class

We painted the moon and then circled around it using different shades of blue paint to blend in gradually with the night sky. We then cut out silhouettes of trees and snowmen and placed them on to complete the scene.

Poppy Class making clay models of Pompeii's remains

This week Year 3/4 are learning about the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii as part of their Tremors topic. We have re-enacted the day of the eruption and we will be writing about this historical event. In Art we have started to make clay models of the bodies left behind. See pictures below!

Potion making in Poppy!

Our visit from residents at Carlton Hall was a huge success! The children made us very proud.

Year 3 and 4 made potion pots out of clay and painted them using metallic paint!

The Rocket Song.


The year 3s have enjoyed their first couple of lessons learning the violin.  They have been learning 'The Rocket Song' to help them practise holding the bow correctly.  Ask them to demonstrate to you by showing you the 'giraffe grip' on a pencil and singing the song complete with actions.


The Rocket Song


You go up like a rocket

And down like the rain

You go side to side like a railway train

You go round and round in a great big circle

And tap it on your head just for fun.

Welcome back to a new school year!


Wow, what an exciting week we have had!  The children are really enjoying their Potions topic and have had great fun investigating the viscosity of various liquids.  They have also delighted in exploring the unusual properties of cornflour and water.  And thrown into the mix we had a fantastic Roald Dahl Day too. All the children's costumes were vibrant and fabulous.  Thank you for all the effort you went to.  Also, many thanks to all the parents who came in to read Roald Dahl books with their children.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great to see so many of you.

Below are a selection of photographs highlighting our week.