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Leadership Opportunities

We believe it is important to develop leadership skills alongside teaching our children to become good citizens within our school community, as well as the wider community.

When we think about leaders and their qualities, it is clear to see that these are the core values we want to develop in our pupils:

-Clear set of values

-Commitment to our community

-Ability to inspire others

-Clear, articulate communication skills

-Acceptance of others

-Ability to overcome obstacles


There are many ways that leadership is grown and developed in our students at Grove. Children have opportunities to take on leadership responsibilities and develop their leadership skills in a range of different ways:


Community Leaders

Each September, two children from each class are elected to be representatives. They prepare speeches and are democratically voted in to the position by their peers. New elections take place in September. These children are responsible for deciding on a project for the year and organising activities to support this.

House Captains

Two Year 6 children from each House Team are elected by the other members of the House. The children prepare speeches and are democratically voted in. They are responsible for counting the House Points throughout the year and supporting in our weekly Celebration Assembly. They are also involved in organising House events and competitions.


Sports Leaders

Upper Key Stage 2 children apply and interview for the role of Playground Buddies/Sports Leaders. These children take responsibility for leading sporting games at lunchtimes and playtimes. They  lead children in activities and are responsible for refereeing and organising activities. Children compile a portfolio of evidence and gain a recognised qualification by the end of the year.

Lunch Time Leaders

Our Year 6 children come into the hall during lunch to eat their lunch alongside our Reception and  Key Stage 1 children. They act as good role models and support the development of a school community where everyone talks to, and supports, one another. They model how to line up, use manners around the table and build a sense of school cohesion across the whole school.  The Lunch Time Leaders get to choose 3 friends who they share table duties with and spend no longer than it takes to eat their dinner in the hall.

Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors organise and lead activities to help make their school even more Green! They meet half termly and plan an activity per term to raise awareness of local and national environmental issues. Children from across the school are invited to apply through a project.

Junior Road Safety Officers

4 children from Year 4 are elected each year to be our JRSOs. They promote road safety and organise activities throughout the year.