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Looking at the lungs (Feb 2017)

Elder, Willow and Poppy classes have been studying respiration in Science this term. We have found out about how the lungs work and can now name the main parts. Everyone had the opportunity to see a real pair of lungs today and follow the route that air takes down the trachea, through the bronchi, into the bronchioles and ending up in the alveoli. Everyone had the opportunity to hold a lung. 

This Soil Is HUGE!! (October 2016)

We looked at different soils under the microscope to see if they had different contents. We found that some had more rock and some had far more organic matter. We wondered which soil would grow the best crops.

Goldfish Kidnap! (June 2016)

Someone kidnapped Mr Baker's goldfish and sent a ransom note demanding money. Fern class used their knowledge of separating substances to find the culprit! They used a process called CHROMATOGRAPHY to test the ink and create a CHROMATOGRAM. They then compared this to CHROMATOGRAMS of pens of all the teachers in school and found that the best match was Mr Martins! So once again, Science saves the day!

The Science behind cooking (May 2016)

Poppy class used their knowledge of changing state to make a Rocky Road tray bake. We melted the ingredients turning them from solid to liquid; we mixed everything together and then we froze it to turn it back to a solid. Proving that Science can be tasty!