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Some of us do traditional knitting and we are getting experts at it.  See the pictures below.

Our Knitting Experts

Some pictures of our French Knitting experts

Great Projects to do with your knitted product

Spool Knitting - Spool Knitted Flower

Learn another technique for making a flower and acquire some French along the way!!!

And another technique for making a flower and turn it into a brooch, ring or headband - Also in French. Fast forward if you need.

Learn how to knit with your fingers

How to Finger Knit an Ear Warmer in 15 Minutes with Simply Maggie

No needles needed for this ear warmer pattern! And it only takes 15 minutes if you know how to finger knit. Click the link below to view more pictures of the finished ear warmer.

How to Crochet with your fingers

Finger crochet is another great way to manipulate yarn into making fabric. No previous experience required, and best of all, no need for hooks or needles! Follow along with Vickie as she teaches you finger crochet basics. By the end of this video you'll be on your way to making friendship bracelets, necklaces, or even an awesome new cowl!