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Coronavirus COVID-19

Education Contingency for children self-isolating or in the event of school closure.

Westwood and Grove Primary school

We are aware that there are several families choosing to self-isolate or self-isolating due to possible symptoms. We are also aware that there is a possibility that schools may shut at some point.

Although there is no obligation to follow any kind of educational pattern or order within home schooling, we would recommend that children study a range of subjects (on a daily basis) whilst self-isolating or when the school is closed, as detailed below. This will allow key skills to be rehearsed and progress to be maintained. Just like adults, children need the opportunity for regular breaks and research suggests cutting these suggested study times into small chunks.

Please note, we do not expect children who are unwell to engage with these learning activities until they feel better.

Office Staff and Teachers will also be available via email from 9am – 3pm. Should you have any questions or queries during the school day (8.30am-3.15pm) for teaching staff, please email the office who will forward the email to the relevant person.

Teachers will endeavour to refresh learning activities fortnighly.

Telephones will not be manned at the school during any closure. 

The following arrangements are in place to support your child’s learning while self-isolating or if the school is closed:

  1. School Website:


  1. Maths:
    • MyMaths login ( where they can access year group specific lessons, activities and games to consolidate learning.
      1. GROVE = Username: grove8 and Password:success57
      2. WESTWOOD = Username: whitton and Password: westwood
      3. To access these, children sign in to MyMaths and then choose the ‘booster pack’ tab on the left hand menu and then select the pack for their specific year group and work their way through the lessons and associated activities.
      4. To access the games, children click on the ‘games’ tab on the left hand menu.
      5. Children should complete either one of the lessons or games per day
    • KS2 children should also access Times Tables Rockstars (each child has a login already) on a daily basis and practice their times tables for at least 10 minutes per day.  


  1. English:
    •  All students should read daily at home for 10-15 minutes and practice their current spellings. 
    • All children have a PurpleMash login. Under the ‘serial mash’ tab, they can access different reading texts and complete quizzes once read.
      1. KS1 children should complete at least 2 of these per week, in addition to their daily reading;
      2. KS2 children should complete at least 3 of these per week. 
    • Under the ‘English’ tab of the PurpleMash website, there is a range of writing activities.
      1. KS1 children should complete at least 2 of these per week;
      2. KS2 children should complete at least 3 of these per week.


  1. Science:
    •  Developing Experts:-
    • Children will bring a piece of paper home with the login details. For those already at home, we will post these to you.


  1. Physical Activity
    • Children should complete a minimum of 2 hours of physical activity a week.
    • This should be home-based rather than in a ‘mass gathering’ so could be an exercise video or some calisthenics as these require little or no equipment. There are a multitude of videos online to follow.