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Grove’s Vision for History

At Grove, we aim to give children an opportunity to learn about Britain’s past and how it relates to the wider world. Through our history topics, we hope to inspire children’s curiosity for the past.

The history curriculum gives children an experience of Britain’s past, as well as exploring the contributions of ancient societies throughout the world. We aim to do this by teaching children skills in various types of fieldwork as well as research and analysis of primary and secondary sources. Wherever possible, we will make visits to historical sites and museums.

History will be a driving force to inspire other lessons in a cross-curricular fashion. We will use technical vocabulary and allow historical concepts to seep through in our writing and maths topics, where appropriate.

Overview of the curriculum

 Learning begins in the Foundation Stage where children are encouraged to gain a sense of understanding of where they have come from, and of changes and developments over time. In Key Stage One pupils are taught key historical skills in order to develop knowledge about the history of our local area and of important events of the past within living memory. They also study significant British individuals who have had a key influence on our history. In Key Stage Two this knowledge is widened to British history beyond living memory and then to World history. They are taught how to use and understand subject-specific vocabulary in relation to history and to develop skills to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the chronology of local, British and World history and of how another society’s history compares with ours. The children are also taught to develop historical skills through first-hand observations and trips where possible/ appropriate.



There was a lot of History going on in the Spring term at Grove!

Some of our wonderful History displays from Autumn Term 2014.