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Grammar, Punctuation and Spellings

Grammar, Punctuation and Spellings:


Children in Year Six will take a statutory test of English Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG)  during SATs week in May. This was introduced to reflect the Government's beliefs that children should have a better understanding of the more 'technical' aspects of English, such as grammar, punctuation and spelling by the time they leave primary school.  At Grove Primary School we teach the grammar, punctuation and spelling curriculum throughout Key Stage One and Two. 



Children's phonological awareness and spelling strategies are assessed and informs teaching. Dedicated time is allocated for teaching and investigating spelling, as well as word level work linking to a related text in the main English session. Children are encouraged to practise their spellings as homework and are given tasks to support their learning in class. Children are taught spelling rules discretely a spelling programme. Children are tested in their target groups weekly testing both statutory key words as well as spelling patterns and their application.. Word banks, along with dictionaries can be used to support children's spelling at the point of writing.

Click below for our parent's leaflet about Spelling at Grove