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Families First Accreditation - Autumn Term



The Families First Accreditation is a national quality assurance process and quality improvement tool which was first developed by local authorities and which has recently been extended to schools. It is a competence-based accreditation with around 70 criteria in 6 different sections which have to be met. 


The sections are:

- Welcoming Families 

- Valuing Parents 

- Informing Parents 

- Working with Partners to support Families

- Listening to Families

- Meeting the needs of families 


We are proud the report that we have been accredited in January 2017 and that we completed the process in a Term rather than a full year.   Well done to Mme Godet, Mrs Merritt and Mrs Seager for their hard work and excellent teamwork.


The list of all the criteria which had to be met can be found below.