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Early Maths

Reception Maths


Please continue to do some maths activities with your children. Below are some of the activities we frequently do during maths. Again your children will be familiar with these topics and the activities are simple to set up. If you want more ideas on how you can develop these ideas, have a look on Pinterest under EYFS maths.







We have been focusing on number throughout the year, some ideas that you can do with your child;

  • Count up to 20 and back to 0 (You can pretend to be flowers growing as the numbers get bigger).
  •  Recognise numbers (Play number splat, go on a number hunt).
  • Put numbers in the correct order 
  • Say what is one more than a given number.
  • Say what is one less than a given number
  • Match numbers and the quantity.
  • Add and subtracting (single digit numbers) .





Shape, Space and Measure

This covers different sections of the maths curriculum, some activities you could do at home;



  • What shapes do you know? What do they look like? Can you tell me something special about them (corners/sides)?
  • Can you draw them?
  • Go on a shape walk around you house?
  • Use junk modelling to build with and create something new






 Use any objects to create patterns or repeating patterns

  • Paper chains
  • Pasta necklaces
  • Natural objects






This year we have looked at; capacity, height, weight, length and estimating. Encourage children to use comparative vocabulary for these different types of measure.




  • Using the correct vocabulary
  • Order by measure (tallest to shortest/ longest to shortest)
  • Measure the objects using a variety of resources (ruler, pasta, blocks, hand, tins)