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Leadership of Computing at Grove Primary School.

Accountable: Mr Joe Sandell

Responsible: Mrs Claire Rough, Ms Linda Bolan

Online Safety

At Grove Primary we recognise the importance of supporting our families to keep children safe online. For more information, please visit the online safety tab on our website.

Grove Primary School Computing Curriculum

                                                                                                                  Our vision for Computing 

At Grove Primary we aim to help children thrive and adapt in an ever changing technological world.  We strive to equip children with the understanding, skills and knowledge to be prepared to take on the jobs of the future (Grove Primary Curriculum).

Our purpose is to install a key understanding of how to keep themselves safe online, to become IT literate and to create programmes to aid tasks in everyday life. 

After an evaluation of the current curriculum, a four year rollout plan will be implemented and assessed to allow children to ‘catch up’ with computing skills and knowledge. We will achieve this by teaching rich and engaging computing lessons across the whole school, with clear progression throughout each strand.


Understanding the needs of our children will be paramount when planning. We intend to plan our internet safety units around their current life situation and share this with all key stakeholders. Our IT and computing science units will be planned to allow children to have access to knowledge which will give them every opportunity to pursue a career in an ever changing and ever important computing environment outside of their immediate surroundings.  


The teaching of Computing is underpinned by our Computing Pillars:




Phase One Overview



We aim for children to develop a mastery of the following skills;


  Computing skills stated in the National Curriculum 2014.

  • Keeping themselves and others safe online and understand how to interact with others online. 

  • Understanding how and when to use information technology for a purpose.

  • Use algorithms and pieces of code.

  • Modify algorithms and pieces of code to serve a specific purpose 

  • Create algorithms to aid with tasks that we are faced in everyday life

These skills will be developed through the use of PSHE, IT skills projects and the process of Use, Modify, and Create (UMC) leading to a progression of Predict, Run, Investigate, Modify, and Make (PRIMM)


Develop knowledge of… 

  • Digital citizenship (Internet safety) 

  • The use of information technology 

  • Using, Modifying and Creating algorithms for a specific purpose


Through the specific study of... 

  • Digital citizenship

  • Information technology including but not limited to; word processor, excel, PowerPoint, iMovie, book creator and pages

  • Block based skills

  • HTML

  • Java Script


The following computing enquiry model illustrates the way in which computing science lessons are implemented across the school through lessons / units of work. This aims to help children to embed knowledge and skills into their long term memory.









The following computing enquiry model illustrates the way in which information technology lessons are implemented across the school through lessons / units of work.




Computing Progression Documents