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Leadership of Computing at Grove Primary School.

Accountable: Mr Jacob Taylor

Responsible: Mrs Claire Rough, Mrs Kim Andrews

Computing at Grove

At Westwood Primary we aim to help children thrive and adapt in an ever changing technological world.  We strive to equip children with the understanding, skills and knowledge to be prepared to take on the jobs of the future (Westwood Primary Curriculum).
Our purpose is to install a key understanding of how to keep themselves safe online, to become IT literate and to create programmes to aid tasks in everyday life. The computing curriculum is at the start of its journey and is being carefully crafted so that our children develop their digital capital. We want our children to remember their computing lessons in our school, to cherish these memories and embrace the opportunities they are presented with! Bringing computing alive is important at Westwood Primary School as well as keeping children safe. We follow the Education for a Connected World to equip children with the knowledge they need to stay safe online. 


The 5 pillars that underpin our curriculum are:

 - Developing Computational Thinking

 - Working Collaboratively 

 - Keeping Ourselves Safe Online

 - Developing a functional use of IT

 - Making Real Life Links