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AUTUMN First Half Term

We have had a wonderful couple of weeks in Early Years and have been very busy. The children have settled into school well and are enjoying exploring their learning environment with each other. They have also adapted to the routines and are showing confidence around all areas of the school environment.


Our topic is Do you want to be friends?


The children have been making new friends and we have been thinking about how to be a good friend. They have shown a good awareness and we have been exploring this further through a variety of story books such as 'Have you filled a bucket today?




Friendship Hands

The children painted their hands and them combined the colours to make handprints. We talked about how to be a good friend!

Roald Dahl Day

To celebrate Roald Dahl day the children came to school dressed as one of his book characters. They really enjoyed showing their costumes to each other.

The children's parents or grandparents came into school to share books with the them.

The children have been using the mud kitchen and digging area to be creative. They have been cooking lots of yummy food and been looking for treasure in the ground. They were very eager to help Mrs McDonald harvest our potatoes and had lots of questions to ask.

We even found a baby grass snake which created a lot of discussion!

2D shapes

We have been learning about 2D shapes and using mathematical language to describe them. After thinking about corners and sides the children then had a go at creating their own using lolly sticks and pencils. We discovered that a circle could not be made because it was round.

Making friendship cookies

We talked about the ingredients needed to make cookies and then how they would be baked. The children helped to measure and combine the ingredients and then shape the cookies. They were very excited to take them home!

Week Beginning 25.09.17     Rainbow Fish


This week we shared the book 'Rainbow Fish'. We explored the feelings we create when we share our toys, and by being kind to our friends in lots of little ways. The children have been working on lots of creative activities and learning through play with their new friends across the Early years classes. 

Dancing with the rainbow scarves

Recognising, ordering and writing numbers to 20 using rainbow scales

We tasted some different fruit and vegetables today. The children had pieces of kiwi, cucumber, and honeydew melon. We liked them a lot, although some of us liked some more than others! 

We had a wonderful time exploring textures this week. The shaving foam was soft and squidgy, and smells lovely! It also made small bubbles so we decided to make bigger bubbles by adding water and then using tennis rackets as bubble wands . It was a lovely rainy day so we had our suits on and splashed in muddy puddles!

Using different methods and resources to created collage rainbow fish, our own drawings as well as writing. Lovely work this week! 

Week beginning 2.10.17


This week the children have helped to make a Rainbow Fish display. They drew a picture or wrote labels or a caption on a fish scale about how to be a good friend. Some of the children then wanted to help the adult form the display. 

Creating Elmers

This week we shared the story 'Elmer'. We spoke about how Elmer felt at the beginning/middle/end of the story. We made our own Elmer using different coloured pieces of paper. We used our fine motor skills to cut the paper to the right size to fit in the squares making Elmer look bright and colourful.

Exploring pattern

We have had lots of fun exploring different ways of making patterns in the environment. 

Mark making

We have been practising our fine motor skills and our cursive letter formation using different resources.  This week the children have been working on their pencil grip and control, drawing controlled circles and lines and writing their names using cursive letter formation.
We had our phonics share and loved having our grown ups in to show them what we have been learning at school. There were lots of different activities for us to explore in the classrooms and outside to show off our phonic knowledge. At the end of the share we sung and did the actions to our Jolly Phonics Phase 2 songs, which can also be found in the Literacy section of our class page.. 

Week Beginning 9.10.17


This week we have been thinking about how different people help us and that they are our friends. Firstly we thought about the people in our school and the special ways they help us. The children were very good at identifying the staff and telling us what jobs they do.

We matched up the staff to the places they work in the school and talked about the sorts of jobs they do.

Talking Telephones

We have been exploring the talking telephones and using them in our role play.




This week has been a bit puzzling! We arrived Monday morning to a area of the garden cordoned off with police tape ! There were broken bikes and scooters, and a discarded boot. What had been happening over the weekend? We needed to investigate! We were very lucky to have some professional help. P.C. Norman came in his police car to take a look for us. He also let us  investigate his patrol car. 

We then decided we need to search for evidence and clues to try to solve the mystery. We took notes in our Grove Police Notebooks of things we could see that may give us a clue to who had been in the garden. We found footprints. We measured these to make sure no-one in the classes were the same size. Mr Viners were too big and ours were too small! We also found other items such as piece of rope, a multi-link cube, which we bagged up into numbered bags for evidence.