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Monday = Skills for Learning or Positive Lifestyles 

Tuesday = Picture News

Wednesday = KS1 Open the Book and KS2 Religious Stories

Thursday = Singing Assembly

Friday = Celebration


Skills for Learning

We teach children how to develop resilience, relationships, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and risk taking skills. Assemblies focus on exploring these skills through stories and video clips and considering how we might apply examples of others to our own lives and actions.


Positive Lifestyles

Children learn to develop positive attitudes to healthy living, healthy relationships, caring for the environment and securing positive mental and physical health as part of our CHIMP programme.   (CHIMP - Children's Health Is Mental and Physical)


Picture News

Children explore current affairs and debate moral, social, cultural and spiritual issues. This is then followed up further in Debating Club.

Recent discussions have included:-

Should the Hacka be allowed?

Should we give money to the homeless?

Would you change how our country is run?

What is the best way to hep those in need?


Open the Book

Key Stage One children engage with stories from the Christian Religion. This is delivered by our local Church Community each week. Children participate and explore a range of stories from the Bible.


KS2 Religious Stories

Key Stage 2 children engage with stories from a range of religions. They often compare and contrast differing views from the different religions. For example, children have explored, compared and contrasted the creation story .


Celebration Assembly

This assembly takes place every Friday and celebrates, with parents and families, the great work produced by children from the week. There are two main awards for each class: Star of the Week and Wonderful Worker. We also share our House Point Leader Board, the class with the best attendance and a range of other successes, including outside school achievements and awards.