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Lily-Anna took on the coordinates challenge from her zoom session. Well done Lily!

Thomas in Buttercup Class, has done some fantastic learning. He has been busy halving his toys. Well done!

Elena in Daisy class has done some super work with halving. Well done!


Well done Charlie for completing challenges from the home learning menu and zoom sessions this week.



Esme-Rose in Buttercup Class, has been busy exploring doubling and halving using Ladybirds this week - Well done!


Lola from Nursery has designed her own broom and decided who she would like to have with her.

Chloe has designed a jumper which shows her hopes and dreams for the future

Jake in Willow class has completed another amazing history project

Frazer has made a vlog reflection about his time in lockdown

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Caitlin has been thinking about her hopes and wishes for next year

Well done Chloe, who has been learning all about 3D shapes using her magnetic building blocks.


WOW, Charlie has been super busy exploring 3D shapes, measuring and ordering play dough worms by length this week. Well done Charlie!


Penelope has been reading her book all by herself this week - Fantastic reading, well done!

Heidi has been busy practising and applying her Phonics and Maths skills, after Zoom sessions this week - Well done!



Here is some amazing work from Grace in Honeysuckle!!

Wow, look at this fantastic retelling of Jack and the bean stalk from Rowan in Rose class. It blew me away!

After learning about 3D shapes with Miss Daly, Thomas decided to build a Pyramid using Lego - Well done Thomas!


Sienna has completed the Phonics Zoom Challenge and has written a sentence using the ow and ur sounds. Well done!

Well done Charlie, who has completed the Phonics Zoom Challenge.


Jessica has been learning all about right angles - how many right angles are in your name?

Chloe has written a super poem

Jake produced this super History project

Declan made a mayan calendar

Jessica has been making pictograms

Frazer has designed thought about his hopes and dreams for the next school year!

Jessica has completed this short story following today's Zoom session

Grace Louise has had another successful week with her Daily 8

René completed the DT activity from the Home learning menu. He has designed a logo, products and packagaing for a new sweetie business - Fab effort!

Lacie has been busy working on her maths

Wow, these are the amazing poems created by year 5 and 6 from their zoom lessons this week. Our theme was rainbows.

Archer has been busy this week doing lots of reading and exploring shapes. Well done Archer!

Well done to Heidi, for some super Maths in our Zoom Sessions and for exploring all things caterpillars this week!

Well done to Bobbie in Daisy class, who has been doing some super work in our zoom sessions this week!

Rowan took a trip to the beach yesterday and made a castle including turrets a moat and flags!

Look at the delicious afternoon tea that Lani made with her big sister! Wow, it looks so tasty!

Marcus enjoyed his Zoom session today and created this amazing poem

Lani and her sister made their dad a very creative story for Father Day, I hope he enjoyed all his chocolate and sweets!

Some more fabulous writing from Sophie, Jack and Sasha in Year 5 and Maisie and Alex H in Year 6 - Well done for using the WAGOLL to structure your writing

Some fabulous and beautifully presented History work from Adam and Grace - Super effort!

Marcus has worked incredibly hard this week - he has attended zoom sessions, completed his daily 8 and other learning

Isaac has enjoyed exploring space and Neil Armstrong today

Harry has been enjoying making a coffee table with his Grandad, time he has missed so much. What great memories!

Jake has been working on his History challenge

Megan has completed her work fro this weeks Zoom sessions

Lilly has been enjoying learning about space this week. She has worked hard this morning to solve these tricky maths problems too. Well done Lilly

Emily has had lots of fun learning about space this week!

Grace-Louise has been working hard on her maths again! Happy 9th Birthday Grace-Louise

Chloe has completed her history challenge this week - great work

Alfie made some delicious spring rolls for his dinner last night - these look scrumptious!

Lani has been making recycled rocket and writing instructions to how she did it. Well done Lani!

Dylan has been exploring the solar system and researching the phases of the moon using Oreos. Great work Rowan!

Lilly has painted this fantastic version of Starry Night by Van Gogh! How impressive!

Maisy and Ruby have been exploring the life cycle of butterflies at home and last night finally released their well cared for butterflies. Well done girls!

Autumn Rose has been busy at home learning names of animals in French and also writing this super poem

Jessica has completed the geography challenge and the art challenge!

Evie in Snowdrop wrote a super poem!

Faris has made some delicious looking space biscuits today!

Toby has been working hard to his Space school training exercises. He managed 8 rounds before a rest. WOW!

Lani has been researching Neil Armstrong and writing some questions she would have liked to ask him as well as ordering the planets in the solar system!

Emily has been making a recycling rocket today and has written instructions for how it works! Great job Emily.

Maisy in Rose has created this fantastic version of Starry Night by Van Gogh, she added glitter as part of her own take :)

Isaac in Speedwell has enjoyed exploring the phases of the moon today using Oreo biscuits!

Frazer designed this super T-shirt as part of his home learning menu task this week - his design is to highlight the importance of unity

Sophie has been working very hard at home this week

What a super rocket from Phoebe

Phoebe in Snowdrop class has been busy creating at home

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Lilly in Speedwell has completed many different task from the rainbow learning menu this week. These are just a few of them. Well done Lilly.

Maisy in Rose has completed so many fantastic activities this week. These are just some from the Rainbow learning menu.

After a Zoom session on 3D shapes, Sophie J and Jack have completed this great work :)

Another week of amazing work from Marcus in Willow class! Great Job

Adam has really enjoyed reading 'The Beast of Buckingham Palace' with his mum, they both were disappointed when it came to an end. So this led to him doing a book review and talking about what the next story could be or what his family wanted to know more about and he did a 'mind map'.

Megan completed this work following her zoom sessions with Miss Thacker

Ruby and Maisy have made pizzas at home - they look delicious

Ruby Baker has been working hard this week - just look at all of her home learning

Jack B has completed a timeline that consists of some of the key events of space exploration.

Grace H has carried out some research and completed a fantastic powerpoint presentation about animals in space.

Check out Sophie's brilliant poster about Rafael Nadal. Great work Sophie

Sophie from Elder class has completed some brilliant work on angles, PSHE and Spanish. Well done

Jake has completed some brilliant work that was based on Nadal

Megan in Willow class has been researching her favourite shop.

Wow, Grace, in Speedwell, made this fantastic castle from last week KS1 learning menu with her sister. Great work, well done

Toby, in Rose, created this fantastic Mandela styled rainbow from the KS1 learning menu! Great work Toby!

Wow! Well done to Troy, Archer and Elena in Daisy class who created their own number line exploring quantity after today's Zoom Lesson.

Jessica has already completed the French task set this morning!

Jake has made a super poster about famous explorers and traders - great job Jake

Key stage 1s acrostic poem written together in our zoom session. Well done to all our wonderful zoomers today!

Emily, in Speedwell, has completed all of these fantastic activities from the home learning menu this week. Well done Emily.

Ava, in Rose, created a fantastic fact rainbow using her memory of the facts she had learnt about The Great Fire of London

Maisie and Troy have been out a bit enjoying activities and also Maisie has started an animal atlas, a project that teaches about animals around the world and where they come from. Maisie and Troy are loving the class zoom lessons.

Grace Louise has completed another week of Daily 8

Megan has been working hard at home - she has completed her maths challenge, developed her understanding of Spanish and researched the Silk road

Marcus has completed this weeks art challenge

Jessica has created this super powerpoint all about oceans for this weeks geography challenge

Jessica's Daddy has made her a new desk! She has also thought about her changes to her daily timetable.

Alexander in Oak has written a fantastic story based around a message in a bottle. A very enjoyable read!

Sasha in Oak has written down her ideas to support Africa Alive in reopening. Great work :)

Faris, in Speedwell has had a go at the sweetie rainbow experiment this week and also made a fact rainbow about the Great Fire of London!

Lilly, in Speedwell, has had a fantastic week working hard on all of the rainbow learning! well done Lilly

Rowan created this fantastic dinosaur skin print following on from his Developing experts activity. Well done Rowan! How fantastic.

Issac took on the number bond challenge after our maths lesson today to make a game to practice his number bonds. He choose pairs! Fantastic Issac, it looks like lots of fun!

A big thank you and well done to Charlie, Esme and Elsie in Reception who have completed the Maths and Phonics Challenge set in our Zoom Sessions this week!

In Daisy Class we have also had some magical Cinderella letters written using Purple Mash By Heidi and Bobbie.

In Daisy Class we have has some super scary monster designs uploaded by the children on Purple Mash!

Emily, in Rose, took on the challenge of making a number bond game today after our KS1 maths lesson. A super fun game and she even won against her Mummy! Well done Emily :)

Fantastic work from KS1 this morning, number bonds to 20 and missing number problems! Well done to you all :)

Frazer has completed his PSHE this week - he has been thinking about similarities and differences

Declan has been busy over the last week - he has written his families dates of birth in French and drawn a cubist drawing of his garden and a drawing of the different layers of the rain-forest. Finally, he completed some research and a drawing of the Kalimba/Thumb Piano

Jessica completed the creative task from the home learning menu - she made a model rocket.

Jessica and her sister had a busy weekend planning and creating for their mummy's special birthday! They made a tower of balloons, and helped their daddy decorate as well as putting together a lovely afternoon tea!

Issac, in Speedwell, created this Great Fire of London fact rainbow from the KS1 learning menu today. How fantastic!

Look at this fantastic sweetie rainbow from our KS1 menu, from Toby in Rose. He timed how long it took him for all the colours to join in the middle.

Some of the fantastic number bond rainbows from our Key Stage 1 zoom this morning!

Millie in Daisy Class has been taking part in lots of her Home Learning Activity.

Heidi in Daisy Class has been looking at lots of different life cycles as well as exploring doubling with ladybirds.

René's fabulous enterprise project!

Have a look at these amazing entries for 'The Hippocrump' imaginative drawing challenge! Such talented artists!

Eleanor has completed her PSHE task this week - Clouds full of mean words no one should say, and nice words that we should use every day.

Sophie complete Miss Creed's Maths Challenge

Eleanor has made these super powerpoints! Why don't you try her quiz?

Sophie has written this letter for her friend Izzy

Marcus has written a letter for all of his friends and a poster to be included in a time capsule that he made with Scouts

Caitlin has been learning her colours in Spanish

Marcus took part in a virtual camp - looks like so much fun!

Megan has been busy writing

Wow look at this amazing castle Alfie and Summer have made out of Junk! Fantastic!

Maisy has had a busy week completing learning at home activities. I am super impressed with her handwriting!

Lani has been exploring the planets of space and using marbles to represent them today as well as following on from our 3D shape learning from zoom! Well done Lani

Adam has been working hard on his maths today

Grace Louise has written a day in life of lockdown

Jessica has also had time to create this.....

Still image for this video

Over the last few weeks, Jessica has climbed a mountain, made a bridge, made art form her natural surroundings and so so much more!

Ruby in Willow class always amazes us with her positive attitude to home learning - Great work

Frazer and Ezmae have been making parachutes

Charlie from Buttercup Class has been working through the activities from the Home Learning Menu.






Benjamin from Buttercup has been completing activities from the Home Learning Menu.





Jacob from Buttercup has completed several activities from the Home Learning Menu.




Esme from Buttercup practised measuring length and printed using flowers.



Sienna from Buttercup completed several tasks from the Home Learning Menu.




Jessica completed the French task from the Home Learning Menu. She made a zoo out of several building toys & made labels for the animals.

Adam's work this week - he completed the Bird observation task on this weeks home learning sheet, TTRS, My Maths, Daily 8, Spellings and reading every day amongst other things!

Jessica has completed Miss Thacker's art challenge

Declan has been working hard on his home learning menu

Declan made a sundial

Still image for this video

Dylan had a go at the geography challenge this week and managed to find a country for every letter of the alphabet! wow!

Faris in Speedwell has been a super scientist this week making an exploding volcano as well as making these amazing maize models!

Marcus has completed all of his home learning challenges this week - Great job Marcus

Another Daily 8 completed by Grace Louise - Great work

Jake has completed his Home Learning Menu project and his History Challenge

Bella, from Speedwell, has been very busy with all of her activities. I love your maths money caterpillars and you flags! Very creative.

Emily, from Speedwell, has been up to lots of fun activities this week. I particularly like her at home spa! :)

Caitlin has completed her PSHE task for the week - Great job!

Evan has had a busy day creating a scrap book of his time learning from home to keep as memories for he PSHE activity as well as lots of maths and spellings too! What a super star you are!

Lani has had a fantastic day exploring animals and their habitats today for her science activity. She also wrote down her closet friends that she can't wait to see! Lovely Lani!

Frazer has been thinking about hurtful words as part of his PSHE - He has also thought of positive words and phrases we can say to people

Charlie and Esme made their own letter scanners and looked for sounds and words.







Amelia has been learning about bugs and hunting in her garden!


Chloe has been doing the lava lamp experiment.


Thomas has been practising his sounds.


Sienna has been busy learning about life cycles, making a worry doll for her cousin and adding doubles using ladybird spots!






Jacob has been learning about sharing and printing with flowers.



Evan in Rose has had a busy morning. He has even been making homes for the fairies in his garden. Great work Evan

Heidi has been busy completing lots of activities from the home learning menu, well done Heidi.

Millie has been completing lots of tasks from the home learning menu, well done Millie.

Archer has been busy competing tasks from the home learning menu.

Wow, Maisy in Rose has had another busy week! Researching places in the world, science, baking and maths! Fantastic. Well done!

What a lovely piece of work from Toby, in Rose . He completed his Mandala art on the beach yesterday. Fantastic.

Rowan has created this fantastic underwater habitat from a developing experts lesson! Well done!

Well done Emily in Speedwell class for making her own clock and practising telling the time!

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!! a fantastic project by Grace in Honeysuckle class!!

Lani, in Rose, has been on this morning completely all of these spellings and sums correctly! Well done!

Jessica has completed some mindfulness colouring and has been trying her hand at fashion designing from the resources she has available in her home - Love this

Grace- Louise is still smashing the scores in her daily 8

Rowan, in Rose, has made this on purple mash after learning about Knights and castles. Well done Rowan. Excellent work.

Well done Josh from Speedwell Class for his exciting home learning!

Well done Jessica from Snowdrop Class for her geography challenge work!

Wow, Evan in Rose has taken his learning of castles outside and built this fantastic castle of his own! How fantastic!

Toby in Rose has been learning about money today. He has been exploring sorting the coins and finding out how much they are worth. Well done!

Lani in Rose has made this beautiful piece of art work using her science skills to identify the different plants. Well done!

Millie has completed lots of her Home Learning Activities. She has been practising her addition, has been on a bug hunt and created her own bug fact file. Well done Millie!

Archer has been busy completing his home learning tasks. Today he has made his own Letter Scan finding his sounds as well as sorting healthy and unhealthy foods. Well done Archer, I'm super proud of you!

Well done Emily great artwork using flowers!

Evan in Rose has been practising telling the time this morning in the sunshine. He made this fantastic clock to help him! You will be a time team star in no time Evan.

Wow Maisy has been super busy this week with all of this work! Look at this amazing story she has written.

Rowan has been creating some new monsters today when exploring animals on developing experts

Have a look at Sophie's PSHE work where she has produced a lovely letter for Izzy.

Jack, from Elder, made his own pulley after watching Developing Experts. Very impressive work. Well done.

Jake has completed some research on Edward Jenner and created a poster to share his findings.

Here is some fantastic descriptive writing from Isaac in Speedwell!

Another great day of learning from Evan in Rose. He ended by enjoying doing some gardening! :)

Ezmae's rain forrest picture

What a lovely idea. Lani and her sister Lilia have been making a memory book today!

Oliver in Honesuckle has been partitioning and adding 2 digit numbers.

Dakota in Honeysuckle has had a very busy week with all her home learning

Rowan in Rose has published this fantastic story of the Three little pigs on purple mash. Very impressive Rowan, well done

Fantastic Literacy work from Grace in Honeysuckle, well done!!

Jessica has made a musical instrument as part of her home learning challenge

Still image for this video

Declan has been trying his hand at some maths magic ....

Still image for this video

Grace Louise is flying high with her maths

Freddie has been practising his writing. Well done Freddie.

Archer has been busy writing his own story and making a Mini Me of him and his friend Reggie.

Rowan has been working hard this week on telling the time! He even made his own clock, what a great idea! Fantastic Rowan, well done.

Evan in Rose has been working really hard today on his spelling and maths. Some tricky fractions there! Well done :)

Lani has had a busy morning again today, reading, maths and spellings! Great work Lani

Toby in Rose has been super busy completing activities on Purple Mash! Well done

Here are some lovely pictures of Greg from Speedwell Class exploring a variety of Science experiments!

Well done Grace from Honeysuckle class for this amazing piece of work about the weather in the UK

Evan in Rose has taken part in Mrs Hintons geography challenge and looked at the weather across the UK. Fantastic presentation!

Lani had a fantastic time celebrating VE day with this tea party she helped to prepare. Of course she didn't let her pets miss out :)

Well done Isaac from Speedwell for his fantastic literacy work!!

Layla, from Elder class, has completed some lovely PSHE work where she has produced a letter to her best friend. Well done Layla and lovely handwriting.

Jack, from Elder class, has completed some impressive research based on why the Mayan civilisation collapsed.

Millie was super busy last week completing tasks from the home learning menu. She has been practising her Phonics, making pasta necklaces and instruments as well as exploring money! Well done Millie

Archer has been busy completing task from the home learning menu. He has been ordering numbers to 20, building words and making some super hero monster puppets. Well done Archer.

The Clarke's had fun celebrating VE day.

This week UKS2 have been challenged to write a brief letter to someone they are missing in school to lift moral! Frazer has already written his....

Jessica has been busy completing her PSHE task - take a look at her well thought out answers

Ruby baker has been working very hard at home

Eleanor has been thinking about what makes her happy

Megan used a range of skills to make this flag for VE day

Rowan has been taking part in football challenge on Zoom and achieved level 10! A huge well done from all of us!

Evan has a lovely day exploring the local history at Sparrows Nest during his daily exercise!

Rowan has made a fantastic spitfire glider to celebrate VE day tomorrow and has tested it out in his garden! Look how well it glides!

Wow, Evan you never fail to blow us away with all of your fantastic efforts. Evan has been finding out all about his families special memories and exploring VE day with even visiting a very special place!

Chloe has been researching her Great Grandad's role in the war in preparation for VE day celebrations

Adam has been researching VE day

Eloise and Jessica have been creating decorations for their VE garden party

More science from Jessica

Jessica has been investigating with jelly sweets too!

Well done Jessica