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The school is focused on developing and strengthening pupils’ behaviours for learning, such as resilience and perseverance, especially when tackling work that is difficult. Pupils are making good progress in developing the personal characteristics that will help to make them better learners. It is evident that they are becoming increasingly confident learners who enjoy school.


Research suggests that when children improve their learning behaviours, this skill set can improve both academic achievement and cognitive ability. If they are clear about how to behave, modelling such behaviours, then we have removed a barrier between them and the curriculum.


To address this we have an #Actives programme which promotes ways in which children can develop important lifelong skills. Children's successes are celebrated in a weekly celebration assembly and they receive rewards under these categories.



#Active Learners

 #Active Leaders 

#Active Citizens 

  • proactive and work hard
  • ask questions and find links between different themes, concepts and ideas
  • set high standards and challenge themselves often
  • are self aware and understand how they will improve
  • try new things an embrace constructive criticism
  • guide their peers and recognise when someone needs support
  • challenge conventional thinking and are always looking for improvement
  • take difficult decisions, informed by a strong moral compass
  • are forward thinking and influential drivers of positive change
  • are honest, hard-working and resilient
  • take and create opportunities to improve their community and environment
  • care for their community and go the extra mile
  • have a strong sense of belonging and believe in an inclusive and equitable community
  • are empathetic, sociable and build relationships with people from all backgrounds
  • understand that the whole is greater than the sum of parts