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6th February 2015 - Sign2sing Challenge

6th February 2015 - Sign2Sing Assembly

The moment we have all been eagerly waiting for!!!

Photos from the event

Photos from the event 1
Photos from the event 2
Photos from the event 3
Photos from the event 4
Photos from the event 5
Photos from the event 6
Photos from the event 7
Photos from the event 8
Photos from the event 9
Photos from the event 10
Photos from the event 11
Photos from the event 12
You will find below the links to the 2 videos contained in the above presentation.

Understanding Deafness - Educational Video

Look, Smile, Chat Film Trailer

Programme handed out to guests

Programme handed out to guests 1 Page 1
Programme handed out to guests 2 Page 2
Programme handed out to guests 3 Page 3
Programme handed out to guests 4 Page 4

19th January 2015

Have you ever thought what it would be like if you suddenly became deaf?   Which sound(s) would you miss most?  We would be interested to hear your views. 


Take part in our survey by clicking on the link below.


16th January 2015

It was great to have Reverend Upton come to teach us how to sign "Joining Hands".  Everybody did their best and it went really well.  We can't wait for the actual day!!!


We would like the local community to get involved and Maisy and Rhys from Year 5 are busy sending letters to potential guests.  We are all working really hard as a school to make our first Sign2Sing Challenge a memorable learning experience for all of those involved.   


This is a video of our first whole school rehearsal this Friday.  What do you think?  Pretty great I'd say!!!!   and we still have another 3 weeks to get it PERFECT!

Our 1st whole school rehearsal

Still image for this video

7th January - Grove has entered the Sign2Sing Challenge

Following the success of our Christmas Signing Challenge Mme Godet has entered the whole school for the Sign2sing Competition (, a national event organised by the Sign Health charity which is taking place from 2nd to 8th February 2015.  It is aimed at raising awareness, among primary school children, of the challenges that their deaf friends might encounter in their day-to-day life as well as raise money which is used to ensure that they live as healthy and fulfilling a life as their hearing peers.

We have committed to raise at least £250 as a school and will have a non-uniform day on Friday 6th February as our main fundraising event.  The School Council might even come up with an appropriate theme!  On that day, the whole school will come together during Assembly to sign at least one song called "Joining Hands". 


Reverend Upton has kindly agreed to come to our rescue once again and will be in school on Friday 16th January to teach us the song and on Friday 30th January to check on our progress. 


Pupils will be given opportunities to practise their newly acquired skill during school time but we believe that it is important that they also rehearse at home to ensure that they give themselves the best chances of successfully completing the challenge on the day.  We feel that this provides a unique opportunity to learn a new skill together as a family, so.....LET'S GET SIGNING!!!

Joining Hands Today song - TUTORIAL 1 - SIGN BY SIGN

Joining Hands Today song - TUTORIAL 2 - ALL SIGNS



Friends Forever Song - THE WHOLE SONG