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5th October 2015 - House Captains visit Kessingland C of E Primary Academy

A few weeks ago, our House Captains received a letter from Mr Crossland who is the new Headteacher at Kessingland C of E Primary Academy inviting them to come and share their experiences with his Year 6 pupils as they prepared to stand in the House Captain Election of Tuesday 20th October 2015.  The students from Grove were delighted by the request and gratefully accepted the invitation. 


So on Monday 5th October, seven proud House Captains and one proud School Ambassador made their way to Kessingland C of E Primary School.  They were in alphabetical order: Abbie, Hollie, Jayden, Maisy, Louisa, Louise, Sophie and Thomas. 


The children exchanged views and shared experiences of the British Value of Democracy.  Our House Captains behaved immaculately and were true ambassadors of our Golden Behaviour for Learning of Collaboration, High Aspiration, Independence, Resilience, Pride and Personal Responsibility.


They were an instant hit with Kessingland pupils and staff who commented on how kind, articulate and confident they were.  Mme Godet and Mrs Garnier felt very privileged to be part of the afternoon and said that it was truly magical to see how our children's poise and enthusiasm managed to captivate and enthuse their peers.  




Comments from Pupils and Staff


“It was strange to see how different our two schools are.  It’s little things like the trays under the tables and the layout of the school” - Louisa – Grove Primary


“It is nice to meet people from another school”  - Tia – Kessingland


“I liked it because Sophie loved our school”  - Joshua – Kessingland


“We have similar things like we both have a special assembly on a Friday” – Louise – Grove


“Everyone from Grove was nice” - Jamie – Kessingland


“..(The House Captains from Grove) gave us some really helpful tips for our speeches” – Leo – Kessingland


“It was nice to see their reactions when we walked round the school and they said WOW, it’s really cool!” – Harry – Kessingland


“It was nice to meet other pupils and teachers and see different classrooms.” - Maisie - Grove


“It is nice to talk about the similarities and differences between our schools.” - Maddison - Kessingland


“When we went round school we could introduce ourselves.   Maddison and Josh did an excellent job when they showed us round” - Sophie – Grove


“They cheered us on – It was like they were just one of us” – Caitlin –Kessingland


"I did not expect the children from Grove to have such an impact on the Year 6 from Kessingland" - Mme Godet - Grove


“Grove pupils have made me want to become a House Captain now”  - Alicia – Kessingland


“It was lovely to see the confidence of Grove children and to see them being their polite friendly selves outside of the classroom as well. It is nice to see that the different schools are not enemies and we are all just heading for the same goals” - Mrs Garnier – Parent Governor at Grove