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24th June 2016 - Whole School Referendum

As part of our commitment to promote British Values and Democracy at Grove Primary School, we will be holding a Whole School Referendum on Friday 24th June which will mirror what is happening in the UK the previous day.  This is so that pupils understand the similarities and differences between a normal election and a referendum. As in real life, arguments FOR and AGAINST the proposal were presented to us by the School Ambassadors in a rather heated debate yesterday.  


 The question that pupils, staff, parents and Governors will have to answer is:


Is "Ivy" a suitable name for our new classroom?



Arguments FOR

Arguments AGAINST

There will be an opportunity for Parents to cast their votes by visiting the booths set up on the playground between 8.30am and 9.00am on the morning of Friday 24th June.  On the other hand, pupils, WHO CHOOSE TO DO SO, will visit the Polling Station with their class in the course of the morning.  All the Ballot Boxes will be collected at lunchtime.  Votes will be counted and the results announced in afternoon Assembly.  

Voting Card to download