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16th November 2014 - Assembly on our Charity Work

On Monday 16th November 2014, the School Ambassadors and members of the School Council did an assembly to talk to us about the charity work that we do at Grove.  Their aim was to make sure that everybody in KS2 knew what a charity was, which charities we had been supporting over the last year or so and what difference our money had made to other people's lives.  The overall message was that everybody had the power to change somebody else's life.   This information will be really useful the next time we decide to do some fundraising.


You will find below the key messages from the Assembly.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Clck here to access full Assembly content

Learning from what was said in the Assembly, these are possible charities we could be supporting in the future.


After the Assembly, pupils in Snowdrop class (Year 3) were asked what they had learnt.  You will find their answers below.