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15th June - Inspirational School Ambassadors sharing their passion at the weekly meeting

Since the appointment of the new School Ambassadors, we have been thinking about activities we could do to get to know each other better and we thought that sharing our passions with each other in the form of a short presentation would be a good way to achieve that.   


We wrote out a schedule for the following 4 weeks and decided to record ourselves so that we could maybe inspire other pupils to take up a new hobby or  join a new club.


Learn more about the passions of our inspirational School Ambassadors by clicking on the links below.

Cub Scout Finley

Uploaded by catherine godet on 2015-06-26.

More presentations to come:

Swimming - Paige

Sea Cadets - Laura

Isabel and Kyle

Karate - Isabel

Judo - Esther

Writing Books - Abbie

Cross-Stitching - Charlotte