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11th October 2015 - Results of our Pupil Perception Survey

Dear Parents, Guardians,



Please find enclosed the results of the survey we carried out among over 200 of our pupils (3 KS1 and 5 KS2 classes) in September 2015. 


After careful consideration, it was decided to only use the answers provided by the 142 KS2 children because the validity and reliability of the younger ones’ replies were questionable ie they tended to answer “Yes” to all the questions!   However, we are committed, as a school, to the British Value of Democracy and for this reason, we will  make sure that that we include all the students’ answers to the 4 open-ended  questions which featured at the end of the questionnaire.

How do your child’s views

compare with yours? 


Please let us know by clicking on the link below.