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Jackie Cuthchey

I have been involved in primary education for more than 40 years, spending the last 16 years of my career as headteacher. I am on the board of trustees of two academy sponsors, both as a volunteer. I am committed to supporting and challenging schools in order to provide the best for all learners. I am proud to be associated with Grove Primary.

Rae Aldous I have been headteacher at Westwood Primary School since September 2012. Working in partnership with The Active Learning Trust, through careful recruitment of outstanding staff and targeted school improvement the school was successfully lead  out of Special Measures and has been transformed resulting in a learning community which is both happy and harmonious and where strong leadership ensures positive outcomes for all children and their families. I have been Interim Executive Head of Grove since 1st October 2017.
Stephen Clarke Stephen Clarke joined the Governing body in 2017 and is responsible for safeguarding. 
Jeremy Rowe Jeremy Rowe joined Grove Governing body in October 2017. He has been a successful Headteacher, Executive head and is now  CEO of the Waveney Valley Academies Trust.
Mary Corker I am a retired teacher who continues to have an active part in the life of schools. Providing children with a sound education and supporting young children to mature into well rounded adults is extremely important to me. 
Mike Chaplin I have worked in both primary & high schools in the Lowestoft area for many years. This includes delivering PE & Sports as part of the curriculum and extra curricula. I also work for Positive Futures which provides activities for our young adults in the evenings and during school holidays.  My wife is a primary teacher working at another Lowestoft School. All children are entitled to a high quality education and as a governor, I provide challenge and support to Grove so we can get it right for the children in our community.
John Hughes I have been involved in education for many years having worked as a high school teacher and I ran the Lowestoft School Sports Partnership. My specific work as a governor has included supporting PE Premium. I regularly visit the school, meeting with staff and children. 
Emma Hall I am a Trust governor . The school is committed to ensuring positive outcomes for each and every one of the children who attends and I am proud to be part of the leadership team that supports this.
Sarah Ross I am a staff governor. I joined Grove in September 2017 as the new permanent Deputy Head. I began as a governor in November 2017 and am enjoying contributing to the Governing body.