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Summer Term Second Half Learning

Our topic this half term is


We will be reading lots of fairytales this half term and thinking about the characters, setting and imaginative ideas. This will then help the children to write some of their own creative stories.

Over the half term holiday the children made some fantastic story boxes for their homework. We were amazed by the effort and finished boxes when they came into school this week. The children were very excited to share them with each other and talked about them in detail. Thank you so much to the families for helping the children!!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Our first traditional tale was 'The Frog Prince'. Lots of the children had not heard the story before so they were excited to hear it. We talked lots about the characters and plot and the children took part in some hot seating and drama.
Picture 1

Measuring Distance

The children pretended to be frogs by jumping to measure the distance from a starting point to a character from the story. They counted the jumps and then recorded them. The children used measures language whilst completing the activity.

Story Writing

Story Writing 1
Story Writing 2
The children have been writing their own stories about the story boxes they created or about their favourite story they have heard. They thought about the keywords needed to construct their sentences and read their work to make sure it made sense.


Tadpoles 1
Tadpoles 2
Tadpoles 3
Tadpoles 4
Tadpoles 5
Tadpoles 6
Tadpoles 7
Tadpoles 8
We have been observing tadpoles for the past few weeks and the children had been very excited each day to see if they were growing their back legs. After they got them they very quickly started to get their front legs and needed a log to sit on as they were turning into froglets. We decided they needed to be taken to a pond before they started hopping out of the tank! Ms Baker very kindly took them to a pond close to the school and broughtsome photographs in to show the children.

Imaginative Play

Imaginative Play  1

The children have had a wonderful time exploring the new small world castle!

Prince and Princess Crowns

Prince and Princess Crowns 1
Prince and Princess Crowns 2
Prince and Princess Crowns 3
Prince and Princess Crowns 4
Prince and Princess Crowns 5

The children have enjoyed using materials to make their own crowns to become a prince or princess!

Tasting Bread

Tasting Bread 1
Tasting Bread 2
Tasting Bread 3
Tasting Bread 4

For our tasting session this week the children tried different breads from around the world. 

Week Beginning 12.06.2017


This week we have been exploring the traditional tale, "Jack and the Beanstalk". The children have loved this story and could be heard practicing their best Giant impression whilst in the setting. They have been able to access a variety of activities across the provision from writing WANTED posters for the Giant to counting and sorting beans. As part of our learning, we have engaged in lots of role play opportunities and the children really enjoyed acting and performing the story in front of their peers.

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Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6
In cooking, we followed on from last week and decided to make our own bread rolls. We learnt all about the ingredients needed to make bread and that yeast helps transform our bread from pancakes to fluffy bread rolls. We had a go at kneading the bread and shaping it into balls through rolling it in between our hands. After they had cooked in the oven, we then all took one home to eat for our tea. Delicious!


Swimming 1
Swimming 2
This week, saw the start of swimming in Reception. Our teachers were very proud of us as we were all very brave and showed great resilience when it came to trying new things in the water. We practiced swimming on our fronts and backs as well as getting familiar with the water. We even turned ourselves into motorbikes through blowing lots bubbles! We had great fun and can't wait to see what we learn next week.

Week Beginning 19.06.17


We have enjoyed the story of "Jack and The Beanstalk" so much that we decided to continue our learning for one more week.


In Maths, we have been exploring the characteristic of 3D shapes and were given the challenge to construct a 3D castle for the giant. We then had to name all the shapes we had used before thinking about why we had used certain shapes for particular purposes. For example, why have you used a cone at the top of castle?

Bean Collage Pictures

Bean Collage Pictures 1
Bean Collage Pictures 2
Bean Collage Pictures 3
Bean Collage Pictures 4
In our creative learning, we have been using different types of bean to create bean collage pictures. We thought very carefully about which beans would be best for certain parts of picture, taking into account their colour as well as their size.

Bean Instruments

We have also been using beans to create our very own instruments. We selected the correct junk modelling materials before adding beans and sealing them inside. We had to be very careful whilst doing this to ensure we didn't leave any holes for them to escape. We also discovered that different beans make different sounds.

Tasting Carrot & Orange Chilled Soup

Tasting Carrot & Orange Chilled Soup 1
Tasting Carrot & Orange Chilled Soup 2
Tasting Carrot & Orange Chilled Soup 3
Tasting Carrot & Orange Chilled Soup 4
As part of our tasting session, we tasted chilled carrot and orange soup. We discussed how the soup was made before discussing when someone might choose to eat soup that is cold. It was a new experience for most of us and our teachers were very proud that most of us were willing to give it a try.

Week Beginning 26.06.2017


This week, a pirate ship and fairy door appeared in our outside area. This gave us the perfect opportunity to think about who might live behind the fairy door as well as engage in some pirate inspired role play. We practiced walking the plank, scrubbing the deck and searching for treasure using our very own maps.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
The next day, we then received a very mysterious letter with the word 'HELP' written across the front. We went on to discover that it was a letter from Tinkerbell who had been captured by Captain Hook. This made us very angry so we decided to build traps outside to capture Captain Hook and bring Tinkerbell back to safety. Once they were complete, we thought about how we could disguise them so that Captain Hook would be tricked into entering them. This ranged from luring him with treasure and covering our traps with trees.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Drawing Shadows

Drawing Shadows 1
Drawing Shadows 2
Drawing Shadows 3
The story Peter Pan has also encouraged us think about our shadows. We used big rolls of paper to draw around our peers before seeing their shape when they stood up. We then went onto label their different body parts.
We have been practicing some of our events ready for Sports Day next Wednesday. Events have included running races, bean bag toss, sack races, egg and spoon races and mini hurdles. Our teachers were very impressed with us as we demonstrated great sportsmanship by cheering each other on and saying well done to the winner.

Week Beginning 3.07.17


We have carried on our learning through the story of Peter Pan this week and the children have continued to show great enthusiasm and interest. The outdoor area has transformed further with a 'Lost Boys Camp' and a 'Look Out Post' and the children have taken on the roles of the characters during their role play. 



Lost Boys Camp

Lost Boys Camp 1
Lost Boys Camp 2
Lost Boys Camp 3

Learning about Time

Learning about Time 1
Learning about Time 2
Learning about Time 3
Learning about Time 4
The children have been thinking about the sequence of their school day and having a go at telling the time using clock faces. They especially enjoyed using the whiteboard game to do this. They looked at o' clock, half past and even quarter past!
Picture 1
Picture 2
We have been exploring missing number problems this week. The children have used objects, pictorial representations and counting on and they have been very enthusiastic whilst demonstrating this new skill!

Making Tinkerbell Wands

Making Tinkerbell Wands 1
Making Tinkerbell Wands 2
Making Tinkerbell Wands 3
Making Tinkerbell Wands 4
Making Tinkerbell Wands 5
Making Tinkerbell Wands 6
The children have shown excellent cutting skills and used the wands during their role play.

Week Beginning 10.07.2017


This week, we have been exploring the traditional tale, 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears'. We discussed the moral of the story and whether Goldilocks should have walked into the three bears house when they are not home. During our discussion, the children used some fantastic language and vocabulary using words to describe Goldilocks such as "naughty", "rude" and even "sneaky".

Making Masks

Making Masks 1
Making Masks 2
Making Masks 3
Making Masks 4
Making Masks 5
Making Masks 6
We have really enjoyed making Goldilocks and The Three Bears masks to help us retell the story with our friends. This activity also gave us the opportunity to refine our scissor skills further and to develop our independence by having a go at cutting the eyes out ourselves.
We made some of the three bears porridge and added yummy honey to it just like the bears would have. We observed how the porridge was made and watched how the heat of the microwave made it change. Then came our favourite part - tasting it. Some of us tried it for the very first time and others loved how the honey made it taste sweet.

Bear Repeating Patterns

Bear Repeating Patterns 1
Bear Repeating Patterns 2
Bear Repeating Patterns 3
Bear Repeating Patterns 4
Bear Repeating Patterns 5
Bear Repeating Patterns 6
Bear Repeating Patterns 7
In Maths, we used the compare bears to create our very own repeating patterns. We thought carefully about the different colours of the bears as well as the size of them. When our pattern was complete, we then described our pattern to our friend to check for any mistakes.

Our Golden Mile

Our Golden Mile 1
Our Golden Mile 2
Our Golden Mile 3
Our Golden Mile 4
Our Golden Mile 5
This week, some visitors to the school set us the challenge to see how far we could run in a certain time limit. We did this in two groups - boys against girls and took it turns to run and cheer our friends on. All the children tried their very best and ran their socks off. Some of us even received certificates for impressing the adults with our determination.