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Summer Term First Half Learning

Our Topic this Half Term is GROWTH!

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Week beginning 22.05.2017


This week, we all took part in the school's Careers Day. We got to meet a lot of interesting people from lots of different jobs as well as work alongside our friends from Year 1 and 2. These included a fireman, policeman, coastguard, travel agent, builder, engineer, actor, translator, volunteer from an animal charity to name but a few. We got to find out what it was like to do their careers as well as looked at lots of the equipment they use on a daily basis. They also gave us the opportunity to ask questions too!

In Maths, we have been busy exploring money. We looked at the individual coins and spoke about the value of each one. We then practiced buying items from our garden centre, making the amounts using the correct coins.
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We have also really enjoyed watching the progress of our tadpoles and this has inspired us to learn the song 'Tadpole Blues'. All the children have loved this song and came up with actions to it. Follow the link below to listen to it yourself. We warn you - it is very catchy!

Week Beginning 15.05.17


On Monday we went on a trip to Carlton Marshes to find out about and explore plants and creature that grow and live on the marshes. The children looked for creatures that live on land and in the water and found plants that grow on the marsh. The activities included plant identification, collecting nectar from flowers as the bees, searching for minibeasts and dyke dipping. The children matched the creatures to their names using identification sheets. Dyke dipping was most definitely their favourite and it was fascinating to see what lives in the dark waters. 

Thank you to Carlton Marshes for a wonderful day out and learning experience!

This week we have read the book Tadpole's Promise' to continue our growth topic. The children really enjoyed the story and showed different reactions to the ending. Some were shocked, some were sad and some found it funny! This story has also given us the opportunity to find out about and explore the life cycle of frogs and butterflies.
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We have been exploring pattern this week on butterfly wings. The children used different shapes and colours to create symmetrical patterns and printed with paint. We had some wonderful and unique creations. The children also used different equipment to create repeating patterns.
We made some 'frogspawn' jelly which was lime flavoured and had raisins for the tadpoles. It was yummy! We also talked about the changes that occur when heating and cooling the jelly, including melting and solidifying.
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Week Beginning 08.05.2017


This week we have continued our learning linked to Jasper's Beanstalk and continued to explore what plants need to grow big and strong. We have also been exploring the colours of nature and saw this as a perfect opportunity to explore our wooded area. Before we went exploring, we mixed different shades of green by observing how green paint changed when we added white, black, blue and yellow. We then turned these into our very own colour charts through ordering the colours from the lightest to the darkest.

Shades of Nature

Shades of Nature 1
Shades of Nature 2
Shades of Nature 3

We Then Went Colour Matching

Exploring Capacity

Exploring Capacity 1
Exploring Capacity 2
Exploring Capacity 3
Exploring Capacity 4

In Maths, we have been exploring capacity. We have been investigating which containers can hold the most water by counting the number of cups each one held. We had to look extremely carefully at some of the containers as some were tall but very thin whereas some were short but fat. What a challenge!

Different Movements

Different Movements 1 Skipping...
Different Movements 2 Hopping...
Different Movements 3 Doing handstands...
Different Movements 4 Forward rolling...
We have really enjoyed the sunshine and have not wasted a minute of it. Due to this, we have been exploring different ways to move across our outside area. One rule - you must not walk! The children rose to the challenge and demonstrated some fantastic skills and creativity. They hopped, jumped, crawled, cart-wheeled and even did forward and backward rolls. We had lots of fun!

Week Beginning 01.05.17


We have continued our learning about growth this week through the story 'Jasper's Beanstalk'. The children have really enjoyed internalising the story through our Talk4Writing approach. This was supported by creating a story map as a class, making Jasper masks to re-tell the story and focusing on days of the week to support with learning the order of events in the book.


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Jasper Masks for story telling

Jasper Masks for story telling 1
Jasper Masks for story telling 2

The children have been thinking about how the story could end when Jasper reaches the top of the beanstalk.

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Callum brought his plant into school he had grown for his Easter holiday homework. We planted it in a big pot and talked about what else it would need to grow. Callum decided he needed to water it and we then found a spot in the garden where it would have space and sun to grow. We are looking forward to watching it change as it grows.

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The children have been exploring capacity ready for our learning next week

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Week beginning 24.04.17


This week we have been reading the fantastic story 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. The children have really enjoyed it and we have been engaging in both adult led and child initiated activities linked to the book across the curriculum. This story has even sparked the children's curiosity about worms and we have been finding out lots of interesting facts all about worms that even our teachers didn't know. For example, did you know that worms have five hearts and don't have any teeth?!

Superworm Writing

Superworm Writing 1
Superworm Writing 2
Superworm Writing 3
Superworm Writing 4
Superworm Writing 5
Superworm Writing 6
In the story, the animals work together to rescue Superworm and think up a plan to catch the Wizard Lizard. Due to this, we wrote about how we would catch him if he were to venture into our classroom. Watch out Wizard Lizard!

Our Playdough Superworms

Our Playdough Superworms 1
Our Playdough Superworms 2
Our Playdough Superworms 3
Our Playdough Superworms 4

We're Going On A Worm Hunt

We're Going On A Worm Hunt 1
We're Going On A Worm Hunt 2
We're Going On A Worm Hunt 3
Our challenge in Bluebell Woods was to hunt for worms that had been hidden in very tricky hiding places. These worms had numbers on that then corresponded to a worm related fact. We then spoke about where we could find worms in the woods and what would happen to them if they lived on top of soil, instead of underneath.

Exploring Scales

Exploring Scales 1
Exploring Scales 2
Exploring Scales 3
Exploring Scales 4
Exploring Scales 5
We weighed some of Superworm's treasure using balancing scales. These allowed us to see which items were the heaviest and which ones were the lightest. Lots of us even took on the challenge to see if we could make the scales balance.

Cooking - Vegetable Pasta

Parent Lunch

Parent Lunch 1
Parent Lunch 2
Parent Lunch 3
Parent Lunch 4
On Thursday, our grown-ups were invited in to eat lunch with us. This was a fantastic event and resulted in lots of clean plates. Thank-you to all the parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles that attended.

Week Beginning 19.04.17


We are all very excited be back at school  after a wonderful Easter holidays and the children have enjoyed telling us all about their favourite days and how many Easter eggs they got.


This half term we will be learning through the topic of Growth. This will include finding out about how plants, animals and humans grow and how they contribute to the world we live in. We encouraged the children to start to think about the topic over the Easter holidays and some of them have been busy growing and learning how to look after plants and animals.



Easter Growing Projects

Easter Growing Projects 1
Easter Growing Projects 2
Easter Growing Projects 3
Easter Growing Projects 4
Easter Growing Projects 5
Easter Growing Projects 6
We took a trip into the woods on Friday because we noticed that it seemed to have grown lots during the 2 week holiday. The children were very excited to walk through the tall cows parsley and to spot all of the wonderful bluebells. They found some other plants during the walk.and we discussed what has made them grow so quickly, such as the warmer weather and lots of sun light.