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Summer Second Half Term Learning

Traditional Tales

Week Beginning 5th June 2017


Welcome to the second half of the summer term. We shall begin with traditional tales. Making a link between our last theme of Growth, we began with the 'Frog Prince' a tale originally told by the Grimm Brothers. We retold the story with our castle, as well as making our own crowns and golden balls to use as props for our own version. In the garden a Gingerbread house appeared - it looks yummy but not good enough to eat!


As part of our banquet we tasted different sorts of bread and made a graph to show our favourite. Garlic was a clear winner, with tiger bread coming a close second. The children were all very good tasting others as well such as pitta, coconut and raisin naan, granary, and wraps. They didn't need much lunch and tea when they left school!

Week beginning 12th June 2017


This week Jack has been climbing the beanstalk! We have entered a world of Giants, magic beans and the children have been using their imagination to immerse themselves in the tale.  The small world has been used to add detail as the children used story language to support their Talk4Writing this week. Outside we made a plan on how to build a Giant's castle, but then had to  adapt it as we discovered the roof was too low! 

There was a lot of team work and negotiation before we reached the final design with added flowers to create the ideal giant's home.