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Summer 2nd Half

Summer 2nd Half

Why do Ladybirds have spots?


Welcome back to the second half of summer term. We are preparing for transition into our new classes by enjoying the big playground after lunch. We are looking forward to our days spent in our new classes later on this term. Please look out for letters regarding our school trip to Ringsfield Hall to support our new topic, 'Why do ladybirds have spots?' We have discussed what we already know about minibeasts and what we would like to find out by the end of the term. The children have been really excited by this. 


We read the story by Julia Donaldson , What the ladybird heard', an exciting book about how a tiny ladybird hatched a plan to save the fine prize cow! 


We also had some fabulous pieces of homework come back after half term for our display. You have all worked really hard ! Thank you!




Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
After reading the story 'What the ladybird heard', we looked very closely at the map the robbers Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len had planned to steal the fine prize cow. We drew our own as a class and then went on to make our own maps. Some of the children were really enthusiastic and came up with wonderful maps, even treasure maps for the pirates! 


Party 1
Party 2
Party 3
Party 4
The children have been discussing lots of about parties lately and making up their own invitations. They have been making their own invitations making sure it includes all the important information and passing the invitations on to their friends. 
We have been searching for bugs outside looking under, in and on things in the garden . We investigated the mini beasts that were found, and used lots of books to identify what they were. It was interesting to see the different ways they move, creeping, scuttling and slithering across the ground. 

Creating minibeasts

The children have been busy making lots of minibeasts in the model making area. They have thought carefully about what resources to use for different parts of their bodies and thought about how many legs, eyes and other parts the minibeast may have. 

Counting by 2's

Reception children have been learning to count in 2's. We have discussed pairs and how when we count in 2's we skip a number. They found the pattern that they are even numbers and always end in a 2,4,6,8 or 0. Some of the children have even challenged themselves and are learning to count in 10's and 5's. 
This week we made pizzas! We used bread mix which we mixed with water and needed to make the base. We then shaped and moulded to make the base into a circle shape. Then we added tomato sauce, cheese and some of us put hot dog on top for toppings! We enjoyed tasting our lovely delicious pizzas. Yummy! 
This week we had a special delivery! We had some tadpoles brought in from Mrs Holland. The children have been very excited and have been looking very closely at the life cycle of a tadpole. We have watched lots of videos and found lots of information about the life cycle of a tadpole. 

Life cycle of a tadpole

Life cycle of a tadpole 1
Life cycle of a tadpole 2
The children have been writing and drawing the life cycle of a tadpole. They have recalled the different stages (frogspawn, tadpole, tadpole with hind legs, tadpole with 4 legs, froglet and frog) they go through to become a frog. They have added labels, captions and been writing lots of sentences about it. 


The children planted sunflower seeds outside this week. We used tubes so the sunflowers could grown up high and tall. The children discussed what sunflowers need in order to grow (sun, soil and water). We can't wait to watch them go through their life cycle and grow into beautiful flowers. 
We had some wonderful pieces of symmetry homework back, We have also been busy making symmetry butterflies. The children made a pattern on one side of the paper using paint then folded it in half to print the pattern on the other side. 

Nursery Sports Day


We held a sports day for all the Nursery classes today. It was lovely to see all the wonderful parents attending . We had great fun taking part in the activities as well as trying our best in the races.  Thank you for being so supportive and cheering the children in their efforts. As well as those taking part in the adults race !

After wards we had a lovely picnic in the Early Years Garden. A great morning together ! Thank you for coming.