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Staff at Grove Primary School


Who’s Who at Grove Primary School


Mrs A Ward

Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead 


Early Years


Mrs J Burns

EYFS Leader, Buttercup Class Teacher and

Educational Visits Co-ordinator

Mrs V McDonald

Nursery Class Teacher and R.E.Co-ordinator

Miss C Barker

Daisy Class Teach and Computing coordinator

Mrs T Ellis


Mrs F Ellis

Nursery Nurse

Mrs C Cleveland

Teaching Assistant

Miss A Saunders*

Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Benson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Baker

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Seager

Family Support Worker


Key Stage 1


Miss J Graham

Rose Class Teacher and Phonics/Handwriting Lead

Mrs N Barrett

Honeysuckle Class Teacher and Geography Co-ordinator

Mrs Z Farrell

Speedwell Class Teacher and Science Co-ordinator

Mrs S Lytton

Celandine Class Teacher and Music Co-ordinator

Ms J Spring

Teaching Assistant

Miss C Church

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Williams

Teaching Assistant

Miss E Rouse

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Church 

Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Blowers

Teaching Assistant


Key Stage 2


Miss H Rhodes

KS2 Leader, Oak Class Teacher, Assistant Headteacher and Maths Co-ordinator

Mrs K Hough

KS1 Leader, Elder Class Teacher, Assistant Headteacher and Literacy Leader

Ms A Briggs-Mee

Maple Class Teacher and PSHE Co-ordinator

Miss A Dewell

Snowdrop Class Teacher and Art Co-ordinator

Miss D Pullum

Poppy Class Teacher and D.T. Co-ordinator

Miss E Dodgson

Willow Class Teacher and PE Co-ordinator

Mr S Moore

Fern Class Teacher and History Co-ordinator

Mrs C Holgate


Mrs N Banham

Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Layzell

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Clarke

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Harper

Teaching Assistant

Ms J Cover

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Goldsmith

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Holland


Mrs C Galley




Additional Teachers


Miss A Merrett SENCO

Mme C Godet

Enrichment and Language Co-ordinator

Miss M Thacker

Trainee Teacher

Mr M Websdale

Sports Instructor


Office Staff


Mrs H Wright

Office Manager/Bursar

Mrs C Gasson

Administrative Assistant

Miss J Williams

Administrative Assistant




Miss B Farnell

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Miss Hope Andrews Apprentice Teaching Assistant


Site Maintenance

Mr S Viner

Site Manager/IT

Mrs L Smith


Ms J Spring Cleaner
Mrs S Burrows Cleaner
Mrs T Ellis Relief Cleaner
Mrs L Skitteral Relief Cleaner


Midday Supervisors

Mrs L Skitteral

Lead Midday Supervisor

Mrs S Burrows

Midday Supervisor

Mrs L Smith

Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Moffitt

Midday Supervisor

Mrs M Wood

Midday Supervisor

Mrs D Calver

Midday Supervisor

Mrs A Turrell

Midday Supervisor

Mrs N Smith

Midday Mrs L Skitteral

Mrs A Fuller

Midday Supervisor

Mrs L Catchpole Midday Supervisor




Kitchen Staff


Miss C Wilson

School Cook

Miss R Punt

Kitchen Assistant

Mrs S Parnell

Kitchen Assistant