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A very warm welcome to 2015 in Snowdrop Class. Please scroll down to find out about our exciting learning this term. The most recent newsletter and timetable can be found at the very bottom of the page. 

Class News

Electricity - Conductors and Insulators

We built our own Dance Pad using electrical conductors. Watch our video to see it in action.

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Dance Dance revolution film small.wmv

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Watch our performances of the Ning Nang Nong!

Ning Nang Nong.wmv

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Ning Nang Nong Version Two.wmv

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Ning Nang Nong Day - Thursday 14th May


As part of our Literacy work on Poetry, we have been studying the famous nonsense poem by Spike Milligan. Ning Nang Nong Day was all about developing a performance of the poem (Performance is a key objective in the Spoken Language section of the National Curriculum).

First of all the children learnt to put the poem to music. Then we decided who would be a cow, monkey, mouse, teapot or tree. The children then selected instruments that would most closely represent the 'bongs', 'clangs', 'pings', 'jibber jabber joos' and 'boos' expressed in the poem. A hunt in the music cupboard revealed triangles, tambourines, African drums and hand cymbals. We practised this a few times while I stressed that the best musicians were those who could play their instruments the quietest!

After break, we began to design our masks, using a variety of materials including paper plates, paint, card and fabric. The morning session was completed with a discussion of how we would choreograph the performance. We will be performing the poem next week in Assembly.

After lunch the children made the characters from the poem using plasticine. They arranged the various figures on stages. Next week we will animate versions of the poem using animation software.


Lowestoft Lowry

We finally finished our painting of wartime Lowestoft in the style of Lowry.

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World War Two Cakes

In our Topic study on World War Two, we learnt that eggs were rationed and that you were only allowed one a week. Whereas some people saved their eggs up to make cakes, other people made cakes without eggs. We had a go at making one of these. As you can see by the photos, it came out pretty well and was certainly edible!

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Thursday 5th March - Science 

Does sound travel better through solids than air?

A Church Bell from a Metal Coat Hanger.

First of all we tried banging a metal coat hanger against a table. It didn't sound very good! The children were given some string and challenged to make the coat hanger sound good. They discovered that when they attached two pieces of string to the coat hanger and put the other ends of the string in their ears, it now sounded really good.  In fact it sounded just like a church bell. The children concluded that this was because the sound travelled better through the string than through the air.

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String Telephones

We made string telephones to further investigate the question. When the children whispered to each other from one end of the playing field to the other, they could not hear a thing. However, with the use of the string telephone they could now hear each other whispers, and our various Harry Potters didn't even need to use their magic to make this happen! The children concluded that they could now hear because sound travels through the solid string better than it does through air.

Time and Tide Museum - Wednesday 25th February

Snowdrop Class were evacuated for the day to Time and Tide Museum. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to share all they had learnt so far about World War Two as well as learning some new facts and war time skills. The children demonstrated their knowledge by expertly answering all questions and entered into all the activities with great enthusiasm. They really were a credit to the school.  During the role-play activities,  the children spent learning sessions with Mrs. Day, a World War Two housewife, Mrs. London, a shopkeeper, a member of the Home Guard and an ARP warden.  They learnt how to 'make do and mend', how to buy food using rations, how to attack a tank and how to take cover in a Morrison Shelter.



'Make Do and Mend'

'Make Do and Mend' 1
'Make Do and Mend' 2
'Make Do and Mend' 3

Learning Drill, Attacking the Enemy and Stopping a Tank

Learning  Drill, Attacking the Enemy and Stopping a Tank 1
Learning  Drill, Attacking the Enemy and Stopping a Tank 2
Learning  Drill, Attacking the Enemy and Stopping a Tank 3
Learning  Drill, Attacking the Enemy and Stopping a Tank 4
Learning  Drill, Attacking the Enemy and Stopping a Tank 5
Learning  Drill, Attacking the Enemy and Stopping a Tank 6
Learning  Drill, Attacking the Enemy and Stopping a Tank 7

Learning about rationing and 'What have you got on your head?'

Learning about rationing and 'What have you got on your head?' 1
Learning about rationing and 'What have you got on your head?' 2


In Art, we have been learning about the great English painter L.S. Lowry.  He is relevant to our World War Two Topic as he painted a number of notable paintings of bomb damaged England. We started off by studying his famous 'matchstalk' figures and how to draw the human figure in motion. We looked at some animation drawings and used a wooden mannequin to help us. We learnt how to develop the figure by starting off with 'stick' men and then adding detail. We put these skills into practice by sketching during playtime. We then studied how Lowry drew buildings and investigated the colours he used. Our aim is to create a large image depicting war time Lowestoft in the style of Lowry. So far we have painted the sky and some barrage balloons. We are currently working on the buildings. We have also enjoyed singing the No.1  song 'Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs' by Brian and Michael.

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French for the Family

We had a fabulous morning chatting, playing games and eating - and all in French! It was wonderful to see so many children and parents getting involved and having fun speaking French. We were told in no uncertain terms that if we didn't speak French, we wouldn't get any food! Luckily everyone did speak French and as a reward, got to savour  pain au chocolat, croissants, crepe a la confiture, brioche et jus d'orange. Merci beaucoup a Madame Godet for arranging such a wonderful morning! Thank you also to Mrs. Garnier for helping out. 

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Arthur and Doris

We were so lucky to have Arthur and Doris visit us. Arthur grew up during the Blitz in East London and Doris was evacuated to Cornwall. We were all spellbound as Arthur and Doris related their fascinating stories. The children thought of some excellent questions which Arthur and Doris happily answered. The children were able to experience everything they had been learning about in real life. Thank you to Mrs. Dunster for  arranging this fantastic learning opportunity.

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Tuesday 27th January - Literacy

Today we learnt about what is was like for the children who were evacuated in the War. We considered the range of feelings and emotions that the evacuees experienced. Although many children were upset and worried, some children were also excited. We showed our empathy towards them by performing role plays of the journey and the initial meeting with their host families.

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Maths Investigation - Friday 23rd January

We used our knowledge of Place Value to deduce what numbers looked like in 4 different numerical scripts. The scripts were Gurmurki, Bengali, Persian and Chinese. The children used their Mathematical Superpowers  to help them solve the problem. They decided that the most important power in this investigation was Organising OC (Organising and Classifying).

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Wednesday 21st January - Science and Sound

Today we investigated how pitch can be changed. The children were given some empty jam jars, some bottles, a jar of water, some beaters, long and short rulers and elastic bands.Their challenge was to make musical instruments that could different produce pitches. The children had a lot of fun learning through their investigation and managed to create string, wind and some very loud percussion instruments! They then reflected on the factors that influence pitch. 

Monday 19th January - War Boy

We have been reading  Michael Foreman's book, 'War Boy' and learning about his life growing up in Pakefield during World War Two. We discovered that his favourite sweets were Liquorice Comfits and found out the best way to eat them.


First suck the sweets until the colourful outside is soft. 

Then use the sweets to cover your face in War paint!

Bite off the outside of the sweet and eat.

Finally eat the liquorice inside.


Needless to say, we all followed his instructions!

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Wednesday 14th January 2015

In Science we are learning about Sound. We discovered that sound is made by vibrations. We made our own reed instruments to demonstrate this. We created double reeds by making a 'V' cut in the top of the straw. When we made the straw shorter, the pitch got higher. We shall be investigating why this happens in our next lesson. You can watch a video of our instruments below. Warning: it is quite noisy!

14.1.15: Science - Snowdrop Reed Instruments

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Science - Plants 

In Science we discovered that the most successful seed pods are the ones that can stay in the air the longest. This is because there is more chance the wind will carry it a long way from the mother plant. We designed and made our own seed pods out of junk material. We then had a competition to see which one would stay in the air the longest. You can see the winner in the photo below.

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A selection of some of our finished kangaroos complete with joeys.

Friday December 12th - Christmas Jumper Day

Thank you so much for supporting Christmas Jumper Day. As a school we raised the incredible total of £210 for Save the Children. 

Picture 1 A fantastic self-designed Christmas jumper

Thursday December 11th - RE/Art/DT Day

We had a very creative day making Mary, Joseph, Jesus and last but definitely not least, the donkey for the School's Nativity Tableau. Every child who was at school from Snowdrop and Poppy picked up a paintbrush and helped create these characters. They are now waiting for us at St. Peter's Church in Carlton Colville. We shall see them again when we attend the Christmas Concert next Thursday. 

Play Dough Fractions

We have been learning about fractions this week.

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Friday December 5th

All the children's hard work paid off as we sold nearly forty of our Christmas CDs and raised over £70. 

A big thank you to all the children who helped out on the stall and an extra special thank you to Mr. Waters for being our recording engineer. As I write, rumours abound that he is currently working on a dance remix of 'Banaha'!

If you were unable to buy one of your child's personally designed CDs and wish to do so, I still have some copies left.

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Wednesday 3rd December

We had a fantastic time at our Learning Cafe. Thank you to everyone who attended for making this such a success. Thank you also for sharing your sewing skills!

Friday 28th November 2014

We have had a busy afternoon recording our songs. We managed to record two of our songs in only one take. A fantastic job!

Picture 1 Our Recording Studio
Picture 2 Warming up and getting the levels right
Picture 3 Recording in Progress
Picture 4 Recording in Progress

Thursday 27th November

Today we had our last practice for the Christmas CD as tomorrow we are going to record. We are all very excited. Look out for some photos of our recording session.


Wednesday 26th November

The children produced some fantastic designs for our Christmas CD. Unfortunately we have to choose only one of these designs to go on the CD. We are going to have a vote to decide the winner. 

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Swimming takes place on Wednesdays.

Swimming takes place on Wednesdays. 1
Swimming takes place on Wednesdays. 2