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School Uniform



Grove Primary School has a uniform, which we encourage all children to wear.

Jeans and trainers are inappropriate for school.


Our uniform is as follows

  • Red sweatshirt/sweat-cardigan with school logo
  • White polo shirt or tee shirt (all the above available from School Trends)
  • Grey pinafore dresses Grey/Black trousers, shorts, knee length skirts
  • White shirts/blouses
  • Black shoes In the summer, girls wear red and white dresses available from school and many local shops.


For P.E. children need:

Red polo shirt (available from School Trends)

Black shorts

Black slip-on plimsolls

Trainers for outdoor P.E.


For swimming children need:

  • Swimming costume – one piece (bikinis and long shorts are not allowed under the Pool safety regulations)
  • Swimming hat
  • Towel
  • Goggles are allowed (with a letter of permission)
  • Children should bring their P.E. kit into school every Monday and then leave it in school all week.
  • Please ensure that all children’s clothes are clearly marked with their name, (name tapes are available from School Trends).



  • All Suffolk schools share a policy on the wearing of jewellery, to ensure safety.
  • Children should not wear bracelets, rings or necklaces in school.
  • If earrings are worn they can only be one pair of stud earrings with short back-clips and these should not be worn on days when children are doing any kind of P.E. or swimming.
  • At Grove Primary School the simplest advice we give is that jewellery is not appropriate or necessary for school wear.



Children in Key Stage 2 only are allowed to wear watches in school. They will be removed for P.E. and stored safely by the class teacher. The school does not accept any liability for loss or damage occurring to any personal equipment that is brought into school. The decision for a child to wear or not to wear a watch lies with the parents.