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School Council

March 2017

The new school council notice board is on its way. Pictures of each councillor, ideas for future meetings and minutes from past meetings. Sharing our pupil voice with the whole school.

March 1st 2017

The litter picking rota has been organised with members of the school council supporting all the classes to make our environment tidier.

February 2017

The school councillors have been invited to lunch by the school caterers. We hope that they can give some input and ideas for future school menus. A meeting is set for March to discuss the outcomes and move things forward.

Thursday 6th October 2016


Today the School council took a whole school assembly, where we introduced our first objective. This objective will be to promote an awareness of the damage that litter has. We have opened up a competition for each pupil to design a 'Stop Littering' poster. There will be prizes for the most effective ones, which will be judged by the school council. There will be a prize for: Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2. 


Picture 1
ARCHIVES 2015-2016

Over the last two years, the School Council has been involved in:


  1. Choosing new play equipment
  2. Investigating changes to the uniform - clip-on ties
  3. Looking into having a House System at Grove
  4. Finding ways for School Councillors to be more involved in the life of the school
  5. Sharing ideas with other School Councils in the Hub

1. Play Equipment






2. Clip on Ties

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Picture 2
Picture 3

This is how we investigated having ties at Grove Primary School:


  1. We carried out a survey of all our peers by giving them a questionnaire to fill in
  2. We bought a few ties with different designs
  3. We wore them for a few days and recorded how we felt about it and how other people reacted to us wearing them
  4. We identified problems and reported back to Mrs Hall 
  5. Mrs Hall decides that we were to go ahead with a parent consultation
  6. A questionnaire was sent to al parents
  7. Data were analysed and Mrs Hall decided not to go ahead with the project because of lack of parents' support

Results of Pupils' Survey on Ties

Results of Pupils' Survey on Ties 1

Results of Parents' Survey about Ties and Final Decision

Results of Parents' Survey about Ties and Final Decision 1

3. House System


  1. We investigated possible themes and names for our Houses
  2. We designed a questionnaire for pupils to fill in
  3. We carried out a survey 
  4. We analysed the results
  5. We reported to Mrs Hall who decided to introduce the Houses

Example of Voting Sheet

Picture 1
Picture 2

Thanks to us, we now have 4 Houses at Grove. 

  • Diamond House 
  • Emerald House 
  • Ruby House 
  • Sapphire House


4. Getting more involved in the life of the School

We really enjoy being part of the School Council.


It is great to take part in projects which involve the whole school and to arrange for people to vote and decide what is happening at Grove Primary. 


Check the SMSC part of our website to see what exciting projects we have been part of this year.   Alternatively, ask one of us.