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Rose and Honeysuckle (Year 1 Classes)

10th March 2017

As you know last week was World Book Day and we had a brilliant time sharing books with family and friends.  Thank you for all your support with costumes on the day smiley

Our puppets are all finished now - measured, cut, sewn and decorated so expect to see them at home very soon.  

In English we have finished writing our own version of How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers called How to Catch a Rainbow.  We changed the parts that could be changed, learned new actions and then wrote the whole new version in our Extended Writing sessions.  

We have been learning parables from the bible and trying to work out the message behind them.  This will lead us nicely into the Easter celebrations coming soon.  


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24th February

We had a smashing time at the farm last week!  A big thank you to Clinks Care Farm for putting on such an amazing day!  We got to feed pigs, collect eggs, plant trees and chop up the beet to feed the calves

Our puppets are progressing well.  They will soon be sewn and just need the final touches added, before the children can bring them home.  We are looking forward to Wold Book Day and can't wait to see all the fabulous costumes!





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20th January 2017


This week we have planted our own seeds in Science as we investigate the conditions of growth.  We have planned to put the seeds in different places such as the fridge and a dark cupboard to prove that seeds need warmth and light and water etc to grow.  When the seeds have started to get bigger, we will be sending them home to continue their journey in your garden!!  We practised using templates to make a finger puppet this week, ready for our fabric puppets next week.  We were VERY pleased with our results smiley

Please watch out for a letter in your child's book bag about a planned trip to the farm for next half term.  The children are looking forward to the trip already, so please send your permission slip and money into school as soon as possible please.

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13th January


We have had another busy week in year 1!  The children have continued to learn about the story The Magic Porridge Pot in English and some are starting to think about some ways to change the story and include their own ideas.  We will be making our own puppets this half term in DT and have started our designs.  We will use real needles to sew the pieces together so get all your holey socks for repair!!!


Hope you had as much fun in the snow as we did! smiley

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6th January 2017


Happy New year! Thank you very much for all of our lovely Christmas presents and cards!  We have lots of exciting things planned for the Spring term!  Already, the children have been busy making and tasting Porridge, to introduce them to our story for this half term- the Magic Porridge Pot.  We have been learning all about the United Kingdom for our new topic, What Makes Britain Great.  In maths we have been discovering weight and have used balancing scales to compare weights of different objects. 

18th November 2016


This week we have finally made our weather guages.  Having talked about their purpose, designed a model and collected lots of empty bottles, we were finally ready to make them.  We are now watching the weather forecast to see when it will next rain so that we can put them to good use!!!

Our singing is improving in readiness for the Christmas Performance.  We have recently sent home a letter with an idea of what your child will need as their costume.  Please check your child's book bag if you have not seen this letter  - we have spares if you still can't find it!! Thank you in advance for your support.  




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11th November 


We have had another busy week in Year 1 as we have been writing instructions for recipes.  We now know that each sentence starts with an imperative verb, also known as a 'bossy' word!

Mrs Barrett and Miss Graham said this is the only time we are allowed to be bossy!

In maths we have been sequencing days of the week and beginning to learn to tell the time.  You could further support your children at home with this by discussing days of the week and talking about the o'clock and half past times. 


Both classes are learning Christmas songs for our Christmas performance.  In the next week or so, we will have decided on costumes and will be sending a letter home. 


We look forwards to seeing you at parents evening which will be on the 22nd and 24th November.  Please keep an eye out for the sign up sheets out on the playground. 

4th November 2016


This week we have been busy exploring the concept of length, starting with non- standard units of measurement, such as cubes and welly boots, moving on to centimetres. 

We have begun our new topic of Wonderful Weather and have started planning our designs for a rain gauge.  Thank you for the plastic bottles sent in so far! We still need some more before we are able to get started, so if you do have a spare 2l plastic bottle at home, please send it into school for another child to use.  Thank you!



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1st November 


Hope you had a lovely half term with your children.  The children have been very excited to tell us about their Halloween adventures.  We will be sending home a Newsletter later this week with some requests for resources for our DT project and information about our topics this half term.  We hope to see you next week for our Bed Time Stories evening, we will be converting the classrooms into cosy snugs and sharing some of our favourite children's stories with you.  You might even catch some teachers in their pyjamas! smiley 

21st October

We had a visit from Kiddy Cook this week, who helped us realise that we use all our senses when we cook - touch to know if food is fresh, sight to appreciate the lovely colours, hearing when the food is cooking, smell to tell the difference between flavours and of course taste to enjoy the great food!!! Hopefully, you enjoyed the finished product of Chinese noodles when they came home.   smiley

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14th October


In maths this week we have been tackling subtraction problems.  The children have worked very hard on this and used a variety of resources to develop their understanding of subtraction. We have been discussing our feelings and emotions and the children have identified who their friends are and what qualities make a good friend. 


We have sent home this weeks spellings for our test on Friday.  Please practise these every night for 10 minutes or so to give your child the best chance of doing well.  Thank you! smiley

7th October


We've been using our Talk 4 Writing skills again this week by learning by heart what Teddy got up to on his holiday to Centre Parcs.  We then used Teddy's words to write in the style of a postcard.  We're waiting for Teddy to return to school now and talk to him in person!!


In Art, we've been continuing to learn about collage and used materials found in the woods to make these collage faces.  We used our Golden Behaviours for Learning to work together to make our creations smiley



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30th September


Our maths work this week has been all about money.  Using real coins, we have been recognising bronze and silver coins.  We set up our own role play shop selling fruit and vegetables and enjoyed taking on the different roles of shopkeeper and customer.  


We've had some brilliant homework which we really enjoy looking at.  Homework books will be sent home on Fridays and should be returned to school on Wednesdays.  Please encourage your child to work straight into the book and to make it as colourful and bright as they can.  Thank you for your support.



23rd September


We've been talking about different religions in Year One and will be spending some time talking about Judaism.  We learnt about important symbols to Jewish people and made our own Star of David's.  We noticed that 2 triangles made a star, so using 6 strips of paper, we made our own.


Our investigation into the senses continues with sight being the focus sense this week.  We spent time in the woods, looking really closely at the colours of the trees and foliage.  We also completed a scavenger hunt type activity looking for different leaf shapes etc.



16th September


We have been developing our understanding of the Dear Zoo story by thinking of different adjectives to describe the animals.  We thought of other animals that would be unsuitable to keep as a pet too and then adapted the structure of the story to include farm animals.  We wrote, illustrated and laminated our own version of the story for our book corner.  


We have started practicing the new whole school cursive handwriting style.  It was quite tricky at first, but practice makes perfect and we are sure that we will be using it in our everyday writing very soon.  


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9th September 2016


We have had a great first week in year 1.  In maths the children have been learning about shape and pattern and are now beginning to focus on securing their understanding of the number system.  We have had fun in English, learning actions to help re-tell the story Dear Zoo! 


We are particularly enjoying learning in our new outside area! 

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Watch out for your child's spelling book in their book bag on Friday this week.  The children will be tested and given new spellings the following Friday. smiley



WELCOME to Year 1


We are really looking forward to getting to know you and your children this year.  We have lots of exciting things planned to learn about and cannot wait to get started.  Please check this page and your child's book bag for updates and messages.  Thank you.

Rose Class first day in Year 1

Rose Class first day in Year 1 1

Honeysuckle class enjoying their first day in year 1!

Honeysuckle class enjoying their first day in year 1! 1