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Welcome to Rose Class.

Please check in regularly to find out what we have been learning in Year 1.

30th June 2016


It's been a slightly shorter week this week, but still a busy one.  We've been mastering the skills needed for answer missing number addition and subtraction questions in Maths as well as trying to persuade others in our writing that the wolf in the story of The Three Little Pigs wasn't a baddie - he just had a cold and accidentally blew the houses down with his sneezing!!!  We became artists for the afternoon and used only primary colours to recreate and work in the style of Mondrian with some excellent results - simple but very effective.  

Perhaps the highlight of the week though, was the pretend wedding we had the St Peter's church.  We dressed in our finery and took on the roles of bridesmaid and best man etc at the wedding of Jake and Evie.  As always, the children were a credit to the school and had a great time at the ceremony and the buffet afterwards.  Next year though, they'd like a disco too!!!

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24th June 2016


Another week has finished and we've been working very hard in Rose class. We've been working hard in our Maths sessions to begin to understand the concepts of multiplication and division.  We have tried earlier in the year, but it was just too tricky.  This week though, we have made real progress.

We also made our morning trip out to the Marina Theatre to see The Gruffalo's Child.  We knew we would arrive back to school a little after lunch had started, so the plan was have a class picnic outside.  However, the weather had other ideas and it started to rain as we stepped off the coach!!! Not to be beaten, we bought the outside in and had a picnic in the classroom instead.  We're all looking forward to our trip to the circus now. smiley

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17th June 2016


We all completed the Phonics Screen Check this week and all tried our very best,  We just wait now to find out what the pass mark is.  We'll continue to learn alternative pronunciations and spellings in phonics, in preparation for Year 2.  In English this week, we have been learning actions and drawing story maps for the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  The children will be using the format next week to change to include their own ideas - watch out for the appearance of a T-Rex or a zombie instead of the wolf!!!!

10th June 2016


What a great first week back.  The children have settled back into the routine really quickly and produced some great work.  In Maths, we have been learning about 2d shapes.  We could already name many, so challenged ourselves to start describing their properties and we did really well.  We have made shape pictures, counted edges and corners and described shapes for others to guess.  

In English, we have been reading and enjoying haiku poems written by Mrs Barrett and have tried to write our own, following the pattern of syllables.  It was hard though but we showed resilience and kept trying smiley


Next week is our Phonics Screen Check - wish us luck!!!

20th May 2016


We've had a new delivery of ipads in school - enough for each child to work on one at the same time and we are very excited about it.  We have been using the Beebots in ICT, programming them to move along a path trying to build up more than one instruction at a time.  This week, we looked at the Beebot app on the ipads and had a fabulous time.  Miss Graham was very impressed at how focused we were - well done us!!


We break up for half term next week.  See you 6th June 2016.

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13th May 2016


It's been Assessment Week in class this week and we have been really impressed with how sensibly the children have approached these tasks.  Our spelling skills have particularly improved since the last Assessment Week.  Thank you for all your help at home to learn our spellings for our weekly tests.  And keep up the good work with supporting your children to complete their homework tasks each week too. We have some very creative children and parents who surprise us each week.  


Look at our fantastic boats from home.

It was lovely to see so many of you at Parents Evening last week. Thank you for taking the time to come and talk about your child's progress.  As mentioned at Parent's Evening, due to timetabling, our spelling test now happens on a Friday morning giving you an extra evening to practise!!!  We will still collect the spelling book in on a Thursday.  

The children have been practising their poetry skills this half term.  We looked at the pattern of poems written by Christina Rossetti and Roger McGough and used these patterns to write our own poems.  Mrs Blowers and I were really impressed with their work.

In Maths we have been talking about 2d shape.  The children were very confident naming shapes but they can now also talk about the properties of these shapes too.  Well done everyone.

Our bean seeds are growing nicely.  We have been learning about the conditions of growth and have tried to plan an experiment to prove this.  We need to keep the beans in school for 1 more week for our Science lesson but we will then be sending them home for you to look after.  Good luck.

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We have put a date in the diary.  Please come to our Share Afternoon on Friday 11th December.  Starting at 2:00pm until the end of the day, the children would like to invite you into the classroom to see what they have been learning.  The theme will be Christmas and you will be able to take part in English, Maths and creative Christmas themed activities together.  We hope to cook that week too so that we can share a Christmas treat too.  If you are unable to come because of work commitments, we gladly welcome Grandparents or neighbours too!!!

Happy New Year.  Thank you so much for all the generous Christmas gifts I received. smiley 

Please read the newsletter to see what fun learning opportunities we have planned for your children this half term.  Don't forget to keep looking back at the web page to see the latest news!!!!

15th April 2016


This week, we were introduced to our significant author, Oliver Jeffers.  We will be reading a book about a penguin and a boy before we write a non-fiction report about penguins.  We particularly liked finding out about the penguin babies and have even talked about sponsoring a penguin in the Arctic!!!

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22nd April 2016


We started our '3d Sculpture' unit in Art this week.  We will need to collaborate as we work together to make large 3d animal sculptures from junk modelling.  The animals we make will come from Africa as this ties in nicely with our Science learning all about animals from hot dessert habitats.  


In Maths we have been using our problem solving skills to find all the different ways to solve a problem. We'll work towards working systematically too, changing just one thing at a time.  



29th April 2016


This half term , we will be promoting healthy eating in class by discussing and preparing different fruits and vegetables before making our own fruit kebabs.  We have named lots of fruits and found out our favourite as a class, but this week, we will be washing and cutting fruit to make a fruit salad.  Yum yum smiley

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6th May 2016


To help us identify the different countries that make up the UK, we have been looking at maps and trying to find out things about each country.  In particular, we have looked at the capital city and symbols that represent each country.  This week, we designed and made shields to show a different country.  Can you tell which country we chose to represent?

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