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Poppy, Elder and Willow (Year 4 and 5 Classes)

Poppies storytelling in the woods.

Poppies woods inspired art work.

Poppies completing a roman numerals Maths challenge.

D and T Share Day


Thank you all for coming to our D and T Share Day and making our last one together so memorable and so much fun!  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and from your comments, so did you too.  A fun activity to replicate over the summer holidays?! We hope we have inspired the design engineers of the future!  Here are some photos. 

Poppy class exploring Ben's Quest chest!

Poppy class creating 3D designs in computing

Poppies working collaboratively to compose in Music

Poppy class creating sound waves paintings with slinkies!

Poppy class composing music.

Poppy class composing music

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....take 2...

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...take 3...

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...take 4...

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...take 6...

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Summer Term  2017

Welcome back after a lovely Easter break. We have an exciting half term ahead, including our trip to 'Running Wild' at the Theatre Royal and Kingswood for year 4. Our website will continue to be updated regularly, so do check to see what is happening.

22nd May- Willow class had an exciting visitor

Kingswood 2017


Wow!  What an incredible three days!  What an amazing adventure!  It was an absolute pleasure to have taken the year 4 children to Kingswood!  Everyone tried everything!  The activities that we participated in were: The Leap of Faith, Zip Wire, Caving, Team Challenge, Low Ropes, Bouldering, Archery, Laser, Aeroball, Disco and Movie Night. 


It was wonderful to watch the children challenge themselves and to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones (they were using the Growth Mindset mantras to encourage themselves and each other), then to see the look of triumph and pride on their faces! It was fantastic to see their confidence grow and natural leaders emerging in the team challenges. It was brilliant to see personal goals achieved and in most cases exceeded. 


I am sure by now that they have told you all about their amazing achievements and accomplishments and that you are feeling very proud of your children too.  There are too many individual tales of triumph to list them all here but I would just like to say a special well done to Emily who courageously faced her fear and achieved her dream of flying along the zip wire.  A special mention also to the children in her group who were inspirational in encouraging and cheering her on. 


We took many photos on 4 different ipads.  As you can appreciate, it is going to take some time to sort through them and upload them all.  So please have a little patience with me and keep checking back over the next couple of weeks.  I will eventually upload them all.

Kingswood - journey home

Friday 28th April


Over the last two weeks, we have been developing our technical drawing skills in D and T and learning how to draw in one point perspective.  Last week, we created cubes in one point perspective using a vanishing point and today we were exploring drawing our names using the same technique.  The children had to be resilient and were proud of their end results!

Poppy Class drawing in one point perspective

Thursday 20th April


We had a lovely surprise and treat when we spotted this beautiful deer through our classroom window!  It helped to inspire our creative writing.

The Iron Man's new friend!

31st March- Willow class hunting for Easter eggs

Poppy class generously donating their money for Comic Relief.

14th March- Willow class enjoyed learning about shadows in Science.

Monday 13th March- Willow class experimenting with printing techniques

World Book Day


The children in Poppy enjoyed sharing books with their parents this morning.  Later on, they read books to the children in Rose class.  

Reading together...

Thursday 2nd March

Children from Willow and Celandine joined together for guided reading to share stories with each other for World Book Day.

Monday 27th February

Willow class have been looking at South American art work as inspiration for their own designs. They are transferring their designs to tiles and will be printing their designs over the next few weeks.

February 17th 2017

Watch out Poppy Class. I think you have a large iron visitor outside your classroom. I wonder who it could be?


Hide your magnets, here comes the Iron Man!

Hide your magnets, here comes the Iron Man! 1

Wednesday 18th January


The children had great fun this afternoon in D.T, following their designs and creating their crowns.

Tuesday 17th January


The children really enjoyed their zumba this afternoon.  It was great to see those smiles!


Picture 1
Picture 2

A little bit of Zumba...

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..part 2..

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..part 3..

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..part 4..

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Friday 13th January


Poppy class have been exploring different ways of travelling, jumping and balancing in gymnastics in order to create a sequence.

Balancing on one point

Balancing on one point 1
Balancing on one point 2

Monday 9th January- Year 5 pupils at a computing event

Year 5 pupils did an excellent job of representing Grove school at a computing event in Ipswich. They were shown how to program Crumblebot robots and had to make them follow a track. Well done to everybody who participated.

Friday 7th January 2017 - Elder and Rose Class reading together

Children of the World school play - Thursday 15th December

Tuesday 13th December - Year 5 East Point Academy DT project

Talk for Writing Share Afternoon - Monday 5th December

We had such a wonderful Share afternoon based on Talk for Writing today. Thank you to all of the parents who attended and participated in the actions and learning the model text. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with you. 

Friday 2nd December

Willow class have been busy making props for the Christmas play. We look forward to seeing a lot of you there to share the production with you.

Tuesday 22nd November


Year 5 enjoyed finishing their bug boxes at East Point Academy. The boxes were painted with acrylic paint and look really lovely.

Tuesday 15th November


Over the last couple of weeks in D and T, the children have conducted a survey to establish their target audience's preferences for style of bookmarks.  Then they had great fun making a prototype.  Today they started warping their looms in preparation for weaving next week.  

Tuesday 15th November 


Half of our year 5 children visited East Point Academy to use their workshop. The children started to create the bug boxes they had been researching and designing in previous weeks. The children had a fantastic time and are looking forward to finishing their pieces next week. The rest of Year 5 will be making their boxes in future weeks.

Friday 4th November


A big thank you to everybody who helped Willow class with their half term homework. There was some absolutely fantastic work produced. Looking at these has provided an excellent starting point for our learning about Africa this half term.

Thursday 20th October


Years 4 and 5 spent the afternoon in a Tudor apothecary. They learned about Tudor medicine and had an experience that delighted the senses.


Wednesday 12th October


The children have demonstrated great resilience in developing their portrait drawing skills this half term and should feel very proud of themselves.  Take a look at our marvellous gallery and see if you can work out who they have been drawing.

Wednesday 5th October


The children had great fun in Maths today, using smarties to explore and understand fractions.  They were able to say what fraction of a tube of smarties were orange etc and then add different colour fractions together.  

In Art this afternoon, the children developed their abilities to draw a silhouette profile of their learning partners.

Tuesday 4th October


This afternoon, the children learnt a powerful e-safety lesson regarding what information they should not share online. 

Monday 3rd October


In Topic this afternoon, the children researched what ordinary life was like in Tudor times.  Amongst other things, they investigated what food they ate, what jobs they did and what the houses and streets were like.  They were astonished to hear that the poor Tudor people had no toilets and that they emptied their toilet bucket out of the window and into the street. 

Friday 30th September

Thank you to all of the Year Four parents who attended the Kingswood meeting after school. I'm sure the children have all gone home extremely excited about it! If you have any other questions about the visit, please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Pullum or Mrs Hough. 

If you would like more information about Kingswood, you can click the links below to visit the website or to watch the video again. 

Welcome to Kingswood

Wednesday 28th September 2016 - Editing and improving our English work

This week, the children have been creating their own invented stories using Talk for Writing strategies. They have written some wonderful stories and have really worked hard to develop their targets.  Today, the pupils read back through their work with a partner and they identified 'what went well' and what would be 'even better if' in their writing.  They found examples of where they had achieved their targets and identified areas they think they still need to develop, It has been very pleasing to hear some of the mature, thoughtful conversations some of the pupils have had about their learning. 

Tuesday 27th September


The children had a fabulous morning listening to, and joining in, the wondrous tales of the magical Spellbinder!

Wednesday 21st September

The children have made a really positive start to learning to play the recorder. So far we have been learning 'Hot Cross Buns' and 'Frere Jacques.' I hope you've enjoyed hearing your child practise at home! 

Learning to play the recorder

Tuesday 13th September


The children have been having great fun (check out the smiles!) learning the skills necessary to play tag rugby.  Their skills will be put to the test in the 'Inter House Tag Rugby Tournament' coming soon. (Further details will be provided closer to the date).

Learning to dodge a tackle.

Learning to pass the ball and score a try.

Running with the ball and dodging tackles.

Friday 9th September

We have had a very positive first week back in Year 4 and 5. The pupils have been working very hard and have been motivated to further their understanding.  We have started learning about the Tudors in our Topic lesson and you will find some websites on our Educational websites page to explore.

Yeat 5 have swimming on Wednesday afternoons and Year 4 are starting to learn the recorder this term; they will then swap around in the Spring Term.

This week, the pupils have been assigned  Maths key fact cards to learn over the half term. They also received some Maths homework related to missing number calculations. Finally, all pupils have spellings to learn and will be tested on these next week.  This year, the pupils will have to spell the words in a sentence to ensure they can spell it in context.


Monday 5th September - The amazing Abdul Kazam magic show

This morning, the pupils witnessed an exciting magic show to kick start our first Talk for Writing unit! They were whisked inside the magician's tent and introduced to the astounding Abdul Kazam. He demonstrated some tricks to amaze, including producing a white rabbit from his hat and asked for some willing volunteers to participate in some of the outstanding tricks. The grand finalé was when Adbul Kazam made Mrs Hough disappear! Luckily he was able to make her return and she told of the wonderful journey she had been on in 'the place between'.  The pupils then thought long and hard about where they would disappear to and produced some brilliant descriptive pieces of writing.  We will hopefully be able to share some of these later in the week. A great first day!