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Dear Parents,


The long awaited Ofsted report for the inspection that took place last term at Grove Primary School, is now available on our school website and will also be available on the Ofsted website from tomorrow. If you would like a printed paper copy of the report please ask at the office. There has been a delay in the report being published by Ofsted because the Trust, the governing body and Senior Leadership team at Grove have rigorously challenged both the report and the manner in which the inspection took place. CEO of the Active Learning Trust, Gary Peile, says: ‘We are very disappointed that Ofsted failed to reflect our numerous complaints about the accuracy of their report’ and

‘We look forward to Ofsted returning to Grove and recognising the many additional strengths the school has that were not supported in this inspection.’


As a school we feel dismayed with some of the judgements awarded in the Ofsted report as staff and stakeholders have worked hard to make many improvements to the school over the last few years both in the curriculum, outcomes and positive learning behaviours displayed by pupils, this is reflected within positive reports and ongoing comments made by other agencies. Although we disagree with the findings we have already been working hard to make further improvements and this started immediately after the inspection, ensuring continued rapid improvement alongside the best outcomes for all our pupils.


 However, we are pleased to see some of the positives recognised:

- Personal development, behavior and welfare of the children was graded as good.

- The Early Years provision also deservedly has been rated as good.

- Attendance is improving as a result of effective support for pupils and their families.

- Pupil premium funding is used effectively to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.

- Pupil’s value the inclusive ethos of the school.

- Pupils are polite and courteous to visitors and to each other, remembering good manners by remembering to say please and thank you and readily holding doors open.

- Pupils show positive attitudes to learning by settling quickly to tasks and sustaining concentration as they apply themselves to their work.

- Adults model the school’s expectations for behavior and encourage pupils to show resilience and to become more independent.


We would like to thank all the parents for taking the time to complete the Parent view survey and to speak to the inspectors during the inspection. Gary Peile acknowledges and appreciates that ‘on Ofsted’s own website parents have given Grove a considerable vote of confidence’ and that is shared by the trust and the governing body. The report quotes ‘Parents are very pleased that their children are well looked after at school and were particularly positive about the newly established parent support group.’ They also quoted, ‘The vast majority of parents who expressed their views are positive about the school and feel that their children are happy and safe at school.’ We hope that you will continue to support us on our committed journey of continuous improvement. Collectively, we remain of the opinion that Grove is a great school and firmly believe that on our next inspection the School will receive the result it deserves.



To discuss the points raised in the report and also the continued development of Grove Primary School, we would like to invite you to a Parent’s meeting at 5.30 p.m. on Wednesday 14th June.


Yours Sincerely



Amanda Ward                                  Stephen Jay

Head teacher                                    Chair of Governors