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Welcome to the Year 6 class page where you can find more information about what we are doing at school.

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Monday 15th June

Two of our pupils went to EPA and got to experiment in their Lego suite.  See what they made:


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Our Play

Today we started rehearsals for our end of year play.  Find 2 of the songs we are learning below.

17 Song Anchors Away.mp3

02 Song Pot Of Gold.mp3


Next half term we will be doing cooking.  Keep an eye in your child's homework diary to see when it is their turn so they can come prepared.

Wednesday 20th May

The pupils have started preparing for High School by tackling some of the new Maths topics they will meet in Key Stage 3, such as Algebra, and indices.

Ask them how to express 70 as a product of its primes, and they may surprise you!

Tuesday 19th May

Well done to Eve and Christian for representing our school and Year 6 in the spelling bee.  Congratulations to Eve for becoming overall Year 6 champion.

Congratulations to all of Year 6 for their hard work during SATs week.  We had lots of fun at bowling and everyone worked together and looked after each other.  See our team photos below.

Are you a calculation queen (or king) yet?
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Get yourself organised for the day.  Have you got everything you need?
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Thursday 16th April

We have been looking at improving our sentence structure today in English.  The children wrote one simple sentence based on the picture below, then improved it in stages.

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The moon peered through the trees. 



Without warning, the sinister moon peered through the decaying trees, concurrently the rotting ground shook.

By Jodie


The trees whistled.



Last night fearless trees whistled, whilst the pale moon peered behind them quietly.

By Oakley

Monday 23rd March: I was very impressed with the children's attitude and enthusiasm towards the Indian dancing they learnt as part of our topic on India.


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Friday 13th March

The children have continued to work hard on competing in our school competition for World Book Day.  We had to complete as many activities from a given list on our class novel.  See pictures of some of our work below:

Friday 13th March

Congratulations to Harvey and Luke for achieving full marks on their Big Maths Challenge, and a special well done to Fay and Eve for achieving full marks on the Level 6 Big Maths challenge.


Thursday 12th March

Tank you to those parents who were able to come in and join us with making posters about the Stormbreaker film for World Book Day.


Friday 6th March

Congratulations to Jess C, Jodie, Bethany and Alana for achieving 10/10 in Big Maths this week.  The groups will be changing next week to reflect our ongoing successes.

Friday 27th February

Congratulations to Jodie, Bethany, Lily and Libby for achieving 10/10 in Big Maths today.  A special well done to Oakley, Harvey, Sasha and Niamh for achieving 12/12.

Friday 13th February

Congratulations to Lewis, Harvey, Jodie, Lizzie, Lily, Sasha, Oakley, Christian and Luke for achieving 10/10 in Big Maths today.  After half term we will have an extra group for Big Maths as there are so many pupils now working at Level 5.

Tuesday 10th February

Here is your opportunity to hear some of our fabulous recorder playing:


Our 'King of the day' for getting on Gold twice in one day:
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Monday 9th February

The children took part in a debate today in English learning to argue for a purpose!

Friday 6th February

Well done to all the children who contributed to our special assembly today in aid of Deaf Awareness.

Record numbers of pupils got 10/10 in Big Maths today: Oakley, Lewis, Harvey, Niamh, Lizzie, Keira, Sasha, Christian, Ben and Hansen

Tuesday 3rd February

I was very impressed with the pupil's sensible attitude towards our discussion in PSHE today.  We discussed some of the changes our bodies are starting to go through and watched the video below. 

Due to the number of question there were we did not have time for recorders today, so keep practising the song from last week (see further below).

Monday 2nd February

New Spellings- this week we will be looking at spellings ending in -cial and -tial.  How many words can you think of?

Friday 30th January

Congratulation to Niamh, Fay, Bethany, Sasha, Christian and Drew for getting 10/10 today.


Thursday 29th January

Please click below for a copy of the letter sent home today about our PSHE lesson planned for next week.

Tuesday 27th January

This is the new song we learnt today:

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Friday 23rd January

Well done to Oakley, Cassie, Sasha and Louisa for getting 10/10 today.

SATs information Evening

Please find below the information given out at the SATs information evening:


Just a reminder about how I am organising spellings this term as described in our class newsletter.  Every 2 weeks we will be looking at and learning about a new spelling pattern.  The children will try to generate as many words as possible, as you should be able to see in their reading records, and put them into sentences to ensure they understand what the words mean.  I won't tell the children which words will be in the spelling test as this leads to them learning those specific words rather than the rules they need to spell them correctly.

The spelling rule we will be testing this week is words ending in -tious and -cious, eg vicious.

Tuesday 20th January

We had our second lesson of recorders today and I was really impressed at how well the children are playing, though it is taking a little longer to learn to read the notes.  We now know how to play B, A G and some simple songs.  We are learning about what the different notes are worth and taking note of the time signature for each piece.  

Cleaning tip- If your recorder stops working properly take the mouth piece off and give it a hard blow to dislodge anything inside.  Hint: Don't play whilst eating (food and recorders don't mix!)

Below is a song we began to learn today:

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Friday 16th January

Oakley, Holly and Ben achieved 10/10 on their Big Maths challenge this week.

Friday 9th January

Well done to Harley, Sasha, Holly and Rosie for achieving 10/10 on their Big Maths Challenge today.


Watch this video to see an introduction to how fossils are formed:

Play the fossil game at home and see who can be the first to turn into a fossil.

Thursday 8th January

We will be starting to learn to play the recorder next Tuesday.  You can either borrow a recorder from school to use or purchase your own.  They are available from Miss Rhodes for £1.30.  Please see the letter below.

Holiday Reading: The website below allows you to find new books sorting by age or genre.  By signing up to the website (for free) you can download the first chapter of most books for free to see if it interests you.  If you find a new book you think others will enjoy bring the details in after the holiday to share.



Friday 19th December

Well done to Lily, Malakai, Ben, Hansen, Louisa and Drew for achieving 10/10 on their Big Maths Challenge today.


Monday 15th December

Be prepared some some well thought out arguments this week as we are focussing on writing balanced argument texts.


Friday 12th December

Well done to Harvey, Laura and Hansen for achieving 10/10 on their Big Maths Challenge this week.


Friday 5th December

Congratulations to Lewis, Harvey, Jamie, Jess C, Jodie, Isabel, Holly and Ben for achieving 10/10 on their Big Maths Challenge this week.


Monday 1st December

This week our literacy work is based on the film below:


Friday 28th November

Congratulations to Chelsey and Ben for achieving 10/10 on their Big Maths challenge today.


Friday 21st November

Congratulations to Laura and Bethany for achieving 10/10 on their Big Maths challenge today.


Wednesday 19th November

In Literacy today we wrote our own original similes.  These were some of the most original:

'As loud as a rushing waterfall' Louie

'As quiet as the air around you' Chelsey

'As busy as a professor's brain' Harvey

'As intelligent as Artemis Fowl' Sasha

'As quiet as a snowflake whispering to the ground' Bethany

'As spiky as the tip of a nail' Harley

'As shiny as a Christmas card' Lily


Tuesday 18th November

We proved that light travels in straight lines today using torches.  Try the science game on the science page (in Curriculum links).


Monday 17th November

See the maths page by going through 'curriculum links' to play a game based on 2D shapes.


Friday 14th November

Congratulations to NB, Keira, Isabel and Lily for getting 10/10 on their Big Maths Challenge today.  The progress of all the pupils is amazing in Big Maths and I'm very proud of them all.


This is an example of Jodie's extended writing from today that really impressed me with its originality.



Fear is when my tears kiss my cheeks as if they're my only friends,

Fear stops me reaching for my dreams and stops me believing in myself.


Fear is like a dirty hammer crunching on my heart,

Fear is when I get worried and want to get sucked up by a large black hole.


Fear makes me feel dizzy like I can't breathe,

Fear makes my heart tighten as I young children are playing tug of war with an old piece of dirty rope.


Fear is when I lock myself away like nothing else matters.


Thursday 13th November

It was lovely to see so many of you at our Learning café.  The children are doing really well at maths and are very enthusiastic about Big Maths so it was lovely to share it with you.

All pupils now have spelling booklets which should have come home today.  They can choose any of the ideas from the back to practise the spellings from the back page.  These won't be needed back in school again until Wednesday.

Please remember to bring maths target books in tomorrow.


Wednesday 12th November

Remember it is our Learning Café TOMORROW.  I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.


Today we wrote descriptive sentences in Literacy.  These are the ones we did together:


'The football sprinted into the gaping webbed mouth,

The grubby bin greedily gobbled the decaying rubbish,

The ragged tree raged at the roaring wind as it ripped its bug-infested hair off.'


Can you guess where we were describing?

Tuesday 11th November